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Hi, Friend!

Last night I logged into my newsletter provider for the first time in a while, and discovered that my blog post feed had not been going out to my subscribers for YEARS!

I knew it had been some time since I sent a newsletter about my patterns, tutorials, or handmade items, but I thought that at least my blog posts were being sent to those who wanted them. I was shocked to see that the last blog post feed had been sent nearly three years ago!

At least, that's how it looks to me. I could be wrong, but I am unable to access any history aside from what appears to be the last blog post sent. In June 2018.

So, if indeed you have not been hearing from me in all of that time, I'd like to assure you that I am still around, and still posting content on a weekly-ish basis!

I have switched newsletter providers as of today, and I am importing all of my old email lists into brand new ones. You are receiving this because you have been signed up for one (or more) of the following Polka Dot Cottage lists:
  • New Blog Posts
  • Downloadable Pattern/Tutorial Newsletter
  • Handmade Finished Goods Newsletter
I know some time has passed since you signed up for these things, so if you no longer have an interest, you may unsubscribe or edit your preferences here: Manage subscription

If you still want to hear from me, terrific! You don't need to do anything. You will be added to the same list(s) that you belonged to before, and I will start sending new content soon.

In the meantime, the blog has been a little quiet lately, and I would love for you to drop by and see what you've been missing. Come say hello!

Thanks for reading 💗

P.S. There are new things in the shop, too. Take a look.
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