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Is there snow where you live? Parts of the US are getting hammered by the white stuff lately, though here in New Jersey, we haven't had a single accumulating snow event the whole season. That's weird for us, and I was starting to think it might be a snow-free winter, but it seems we're in for 5-8 inches tonight.

Meanwhile, at the clay table, I'm pretending it's spring. Things are blooming here in bright, happy colors.

"Lighten up" has been my mantra, when it comes to my clay pieces. I'm pawing through my millefiori cane box, looking for all of my brightest patterns to slice into. A few weeks ago, I leaned heavily into the purples and the bright calico prints, and restocked many of my most popular bright and cheery pen patterns. Some of these even write with pink or purple ink. You can't get much springier than that!
Stick Pens in stock
After that, I shifted from florals into warm-weather treats and developed a new "Sherbet" color scheme. I particularly like the glimpses of mint in the Sherbet Retro pattern, so while there are currently only a couple of seam rippers available in these colors, you can bet there is more to come. And soon! I'm thinking pens, shawl pins, buttons, and most definitely some cheery dangly earrings. Keep an eye out for that πŸ‘€
New items in the Sherbet color scheme
Also new is the "Cornflower" color scheme, in shades of blue and green. This one was created specifically to coordinate with a shawl I knit, and if you happen to have treated yourself to the same yarns I did, you could snag your own shawl pin or buttons to match your makes. Of course, you don't have to be a knitter at all to like these colors. They look pretty great on earrings and bracelets. I think they'll bring out the blue in your jeans 🀭
New items in the Cornflower color scheme
I've written before about the experience of working down to the last little stub of a beloved millefiori cane design. It's sad when it's just too stubby to slice into, and I've found ways to cope before, but here's a new one: "Barcodes" patterns. I've found a way to transform nearly-depleted canes, and use every last bit of them. By design, these are in limited supply. I can generally only get a few pieces out of a Barcodes cane, so you should claim any pieces you like while they're still available!
New items in Barcodes patterns
Blog Stuff

I'm afraid I've been neglecting the blog lately almost as much as I've been neglecting this email newsletter! There have been a few posts, though, since last I wrote. Drop by, have a read, and say hello! β˜•

Owligan Show-and-Tell

Owligan Show-and-Tell
The last knit of 2022: Owligan, a super bulky cardigan sweater with cabled owls in the yoke. It was a fast and easy enough knit, but there was button drama.

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Hello there πŸ‘‹πŸ»

Hello there πŸ‘‹πŸ»
I could call this post "How I Spent the First Half of December." I fed a fat squirrel, vended at a craft show, played with my new phone's camera, and met a few artsy celebrities, among other things.

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Better Making Through Hand-me-Downs

Desk for polymer clay work
If I had a studio, I would call this a studio tour, but it's really just a second-hand desk, a dining room cabinet, and the story of how getting organized with a few new-to-me pieces has changed the way I work.

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That's it for me. I'll try not to let too much time go by before my next newsletter, but you know me. That is sometimes a tall order!

Feel free to drop me a line any time, or post a comment on the blog. If you've read this far, you know what I am up to, but I'd love to hear about your creative endeavors, too!

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