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Are there signs of spring where you live? My yard is still mostly brown, but the crocuses have begun popping up in little purple bunches here and there, and I always feel like that is a milestone worth celebrating.

That's one reason why I'm happy to introduce my new Violet color scheme. I probably should have named it Crocus, to be honest, but what's done is done 😁
New jewelry and tools in Violet and other colors
New Earrings, bracelets, rings, earrings, barrettes, seam rippers, pens, and crochet hooks (oh my!) in the shop. Most of the new items are in the Violet designs, but you can see I couldn't resist making a select few in other colors, too.
I've also got two brand new tools available in the shop as of yesterday.

I first made a couple of SIM Card Eject Tools for myself: one to put in the pen jar on my desk, and one to throw in my camera bag. Putting a handle on these little tools makes them so much harder to lose! If you are always opening that SIM card tray to slip in the MicroSD from your fancy camera, you might appreciate having one of these tools in your camera bag, too!

Any diamond painting enthusiasts in the house? A friend of mine asked if I could make her a Diamond Painting Pen, so I did a little research, and discovered that indeed I could. So I did. And I made a bunch extra for you, too.
These are limited edition products, and I don't intend to make any more beyond what is currently in stock. So, if you see something you like, please don't hesitate!

Sim Card MicroSD Tray Eject Tool

SIM Card Micro SD Tray Eject Tool
LIMITED EDITION TOOL: Ever need to pop open your SIM card tray and can't find that little poking tool that came with your Android phone? Get one with a fancy handle so you can't lose it!

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Diamond Painting Pens

Diamond Painting Pens
LIMITED EDITION TOOL: Dual-removable-tip Diamond Painting Pens with fancy polymer clay handles.

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