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Are You Hooked?

The mood to do custom work and the time in which to do it are rarely plentiful at the same time.

So, when interest and opportunity align, I take advantage of it!

This weekend, I am all about the humble metal crochet hook. I have a large collection of new and vintage Susan Bates and Boye hooks (and a few Clover hooks, too) that are just waiting for me to put colorful ergonomic handles on them.

I started earlier this week with these Boye hooks, all featuring the kaleidoscopic Jubilee pattern in different color schemes. Aren't they pretty?
I'm gearing up to make another batch (or two, or three, or four - it's a long weekend away from the Day Job for me - I've got the time!)

Can I make one for you? You can choose your favorite brand and hook size from B through K, and then choose from one of my dozens of available designs for the handle.
Or, if you are paralyzed by choice, just reply to this email and we can chat about it. I'm happy to choose a handle design for you, if you like, or make you a set of multiple hooks in coordinating-but-different designs.

Any questions or special requests, please let me know!

Happy Hooking!

P.S. Remember, I don't have the opportunity to take custom orders as often as I'd like, so if there's something you want, please don't wait. I may not do this again for a few years!

Crochet Hooks

Crochet Hooks
Colorful and ergonomic polymer clay handles on metal crochet hooks, available in a variety of brands and sizes.

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