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Cooper Gristmill

About a month ago, I got the urge to drop in here and chew the fat a bit, though I really didn’t know what I wanted to talk about. I opened up the Posts page in my WordPress Admin, and found this one. All it had was a title: Cooper Gristmill. I’d inserted no pictures and written no text. It was little more than a placeholder for me to talk about a trip I took more than two months ago now. Almost three!

I’m not sure what I wanted to talk about, initially. I probably had simply planned to share the pictures I took. So, I started writing a few new paragraphs, but I got interrupted before I could finish. Now here we are, several more weeks having gone by, and the new paragraphs are sorely out of date.

So, I’ve deleted them. And now, before something distracts me again, let’s look at those pictures from the first week of August:

Cooper Gristmill is a nifty old place. It’s about 20 or 25 minutes away from home, and Neil and I visited there one day after work. You will notice, if you hover over them or click on them, that both of us took these images, with these three cameras between us.

There are a lot of woodsy places like this within an hour of my house. And we’re nowhere near finished exploring them. In fact, I may try to talk Neil into visiting one of these places this week before the leaves disappear completely. Can you imagine how lovely this place must be draped in all of the colors of Autumn?


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