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Friday Night Blogging

I was thinking last week, as I wrote my first post in three months, that maybe Friday Night Blogging could become my new “thing.” Back in the day, before we had kids, and while we were still young, Neil and I used to sometimes GO OUT on Friday nights. But our favorite destinations were not parties or clubs. We liked book stores and CD shops. I would park myself in a big comfy Barnes & Noble chair and flip through cookbooks while Neil looked at the science fiction aisle. And when we’d had enough of that,  we’d move on to Tower Records or CD World (or both!), and sample all of the new music they had on display.

That was fun. And if we had the kind of money now that we used to have 25 years ago, I might suggest to Neil that we go somewhere tonight and load up on armfuls of new books. But we don’t, and that’s ok. I’m just as happy hanging out at home, in my bedroom-slash-office, writing up a little something for you to read.  I don’t need to leave the house to have a nice time. I’ve just never been much of a party animal. On Fridays or any other night of the week.

Speaking of animals… Have you met my squirrel friend?

My squirrel friend on the front steps My squirrel friend approaching on the front steps My squirrel friend tapping on the front door My squirrel friend on the front steps standing next to a tiny poop he left for me

I love this guy. I can’t be 100% certain that this is just one squirrel (don’t tell him I said so, but they all kind of look the same to me 😜) or that he is even a HE. But there does appear to be one squirrel who is less skittish than the others. This one comes towards me when I open the front door. I give him nuts, he eats them, and then he looks up at me and wordlessly asks for more. It’s adorable. We have a bond.

My hungry little squirrel friend is not the only neighborhood creature I’ve got my eye on (even if he is my current favorite). For Christmas a few months ago, Neil got me a trail camera. Since then we’ve set it up in various places in the yard and captured many glimpses of furry and feathered fauna alike.

Trailcam female cardinal and white throated sparrow
Trailcam white throated sparrow

Trailcam squirrel

Trailcam male cardinal

Trailcam blue jay and red bellied woodpecker

trailcam robin

I’m keeping a spreadsheet (because of course I am 😜) and as of this writing, I’ve captured images of 20 species on my memory card, including nine different types of birds. Birds and squirrels make up the bulk of our daytime visitors.

Trailcam deer Trailcam fox Trailcam raccoons Trailcam bunny Trailcam possum

At night, we’ve got a more diverse roster of creatures passing through. We’ve seen deer, raccoons, foxes, possums, a few nocturnal bunnies. And we’ve had at least one “what the heck is THAT?” moment. (It was a flying squirrel.)

Trailcam bear

Last week a bear wandered through the front yard.

I’m enjoying seeing what animals we have around here, but I’m also thinking that I may never leave the house after dark again 😨

No, I’m kidding. Sort of.


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