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August of Earrings

August of Earrings

Here they are. The whole wearable art earring collection. 31 pairs, some of them a grand departure from my usual style, and all of them an experiment for me in at least one aspect.

  • I dabbled with trendy things (post earrings, resin coatings, glitter, and upside-down U shapes).
  • I played around with surface decorations (mokume gane, translucency, metal leaf, and texture)
  • I tried different shapes (flowers, elongated rectangles, tear drops, and blobby egg shapes)
  • I ventured away from the cookie cutter (hoops, twists, sculpted mushrooms, and cascading colors)

I’ve been working with Polymer Clay since 1996, and doing pretty much the exact same thing over and over for the last twenty of those years, and so this has been a refreshing experience for me. I used to experiment and play around with new ideas and techniques all the time until I found my niche. And since finding that niche, I have set up shop there nice and cozy, and rarely ventured out of it.

August of Earrings

Here they are again, portrait style this time, for those of you on a mobile device 😀

What will it take to put a pair of these earrings on you today? (She says, in her best imitation of a used car salesman)

I gotta say, my usual M.O. is to make things that I want to use, or I want to wear, but for this project I threw all of that out the window, and spent time flipping through artsy magazines, and Instagram, and getting ideas from what other people are currently finding attractive. And wouldn’t you know it, I might actually like to wear a few of these new things myself? In fact, I even made some extra pairs to slip into my own personal collection 😁

Besides these finished pieces, this month has given me ideas for new (and more eclectic) collections. And permission to step outside of my niche and put things into my shop that don’t quite fit the mold I’ve been imposing on myself for the last few decades.

I’m not sure how long I will be keeping this wearable art earring collection available in the shop. It may go away. Some of the pieces may be added to new collections down the road. Others may never come back. I haven’t decided. A few of those pictured are already sold out, but there are still a lot of designs available. If something has piqued your interest, you might not want to wait too long to snag it for yourself.

Life’s too short NOT to wear colorful, happy things 💗


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