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Venturing back into the world

It’s been an odd time, to say the least. But life is beginning to return to some level of post-pandemic normalcy. Many of us are leaving our houses regularly for the first time since last March. Others of us (me included) are leaving our cozy home offices behind and getting back into office office life. Yep, it’s back to the office for me in July. You, too?

WFH Pajama Life WFH Pajama Life

Working via Zoom or Google Meet – or not working at all – opened the door for a wardrobe of pajama bottoms and sweatpants, all day, every day. And for those of us who still got dressed daily (eventually), it’s not as if we went to a whole lot of trouble beyond that.

Personally, I have gotten used to wearing no jewelry at all. Even my wedding rings gather dust for a week at a time, until I remember to put them on for a day or so. And makeup? Well, I didn’t wear much before, but for the last several months the only thing I’ve bothered with is lip color. I think that makes me look less sleepy when I show up for a Google Meet call 😀

If you were among those lucky enough to have work, and to be able to do it safely from home, you have likely seen a change in your work wardrobe. This is not a change that is going to translate well into a return to the office (to say the least 😬).

Back to the Office

Whether you are enthusiastically embracing the return to the office, or are not really thrilled about it (🙋‍♀️), it seems like a good time to accessorize 😉

Fancy Badge Reel at Work Accessorize at Work

Depending on how you feel right now, you could think of it as a celebratory treat, or a bit of retail therapy. Either way, I have some handcrafted goodies that would be perfect for venturing back out into the world, including jewelry, badge reels, and cotton face coverings. Why masks? Because some places still require them, and frankly some of us still feel better wearing them even if they’re not required (again, 🙋‍♀️).

Even if you are retired or you are lucky enough to work for a company that is letting you keep the remote work from home lifestyle, you are probably looking forward to one or two upcoming social occasions (yay!). A trio of jangly bangle bracelets would be a nice treat for you, I think 🙂

Accessorize at Work Accessorize at Work

Visit the shop to see more!

Well, that’s my little sales pitch, along with my thoughts on getting back to “normal.” How about you? Are you going back to the office? Does that make you happy, or will you miss the work-from-home life? Maybe a little bit of both?

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