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TWiP: Things Happen Every Week

This Week in Pictures, Week 23, 2021

Some weeks just feel like filler, on the way to something more interesting. That’s part of the reason why I take pictures – I want to combat that feeling and find something interesting in every day. But sometimes I get to the end of a week to find that I only took a small handful of photos, and that more than half of them are not particularly inspiring to me. I kind of feel that way today, looking at this collection.

Still, things did happen this week. I spent a morning in the office for the first time since March of last year; the gas company ripped up our street for some reason they didn’t share with me; and the lilies started blooming.

You’ll see from the video clips that my son made spaghetti dogs this week, like he did when he was little, I took a walk with my husband, and I painted my nails green (which is a new one for me – I’m all about the red, when it comes to nail polish).

Things happen every week, and luckily I have proof. Because I probably wouldn’t have given any of this a second thought a week later, if I hadn’t stopped to capture it with my phone!

So, what is This Week in Pictures?

It’s a roundup of the little (and big!) moments I have captured all week. Some of these images are posted on Instagram, but many aren’t posted anywhere but here. Some days there may be no photos, and other days there may be multiples. It’s more laid back than the Project 365s of previous years. You can learn more here 🙂

Photos taken with 📷 (Canon EOS 80D) or 📱 (Samsung Galaxy S9).

TWiP Clips

Here’s a very short video, featuring 1.5-second moments from the week:


Putting my leftover Berroco Vintage stash to work on a stripey variation of the super versatile Toast Mitts (pattern by Leslie Friend). See on Instagram


From afar brown moths seem kind of boring, but up close, there’s a lot going on.


I spent the morning back in the office. For now it’s just an isolated morning, but I will have to get used to this view, since I’ll be back full time in July. I have very mixed (mostly negative) feelings about this. I’ve loved working from home. Plus I’m not 100% comfortable being around people just yet 🤨


It’s possible that I bought a couple of new colors to match my hair as I dye it different colors this summer. It’s also just possible that I have a small reading glasses addiction…


Greetings from the sunny spot on the bed, where I sit enjoying a half a lemon cookie, after a nice walk in the park 🍋 See on Instagram


The gas company is ripping up the street for some reason.
After the peonies are gone, the lilies arrive.

Thanks for helping me celebrate the week! If you want to see this stuff as it happens, please feel free to follow me on Instagram ♥

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Posted on 2 Comments

2 thoughts on “TWiP: Things Happen Every Week

  1. HI! Thank you, I take everyone up on their invite to visit their blog. I personally love them– and think in time there will be an upswelling blog revival that hasn’t been seen in ages! Gotta say –I’ve worked at many office desks, but you’ve got pretty cool digs there, and oh, the privacy (and sneaky stitching and scrolling) of not working in open spaces! 🙂 Been working on a couple of your skirt and pillow patterns, and having a great summertime sewing session with them!! Easy patterns for the win! Thank you so much!!

    1. I would love to see a blog revival! I write for a living, and it’s a nice job, but how much nicer would it be if I could go back to the days where I was writing only for myself? I daydream about that sometimes.

      My office setup is pretty great, though the cubicle walls are shorter than I am (which is short, LOL), and I have coworkers who seem to make no noise at all when they walk up behind you, so it’s not as private as it may look 😀

      So glad you’re enjoying my patterns. I think I am feeling the very beginnings of a sewing itch myself. Happy summer!

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