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I’ve Been Working on the Website

Website Security

(All the live long day!)

I am pleased to tell you that I’ve been making some behind-the-scenes changes lately that will improve your Polka Dot Cottage experience. Most of these changes will be invisible to you.

New Hosting

For example, this weekend, I migrated the whole site to a new hosting provider. I’ll spare you the technobabble, but suffice it to say, I now have many more options for improving the speed and security of PDC than I had before. These improvements will be forthcoming, as time allows. You may already notice that the site is loading faster than it used to. It’s only going to get better from here!

Privacy Policy

Also, I have a new Privacy Policy in place. It’s something I should have done years ago, but I always put it in the “someday” category. Recently, though, I’ve spent a lot of time at my Day Job, working on their privacy policy, and making my own suddenly seemed like a piece of cake.

I wrote the Privacy Policy in plain English, instead of the Legalese you often see in these things, so it should be pretty easy to understand. In a nutshell, though: I don’t do anything nefarious with any of the data you share with me 😁

I’m going to continue tinkering behind the scenes, making improvements to speed and security. If you notice any quirky behavior, please let me know!

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