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The Cogwheel Cardigan for Baby

Cogwheel Baby Cardigan Knitting Pattern

Cogwheel Baby Cardigan Knitting Pattern: Sleeve close-up

Baby sweaters are a great thing. Not just for the babies who may receive them, but for the knitters who make them. What could be better than a tiny canvas on which to try new things? It might take you over a month to determine that a particular concept doesn’t work on an adult sweater, but try that same concept on a newborn size, and you will know within two days if the idea was ill-advised. So much less wasted time!

So, I tried my most recent idea on a little sweater, and I’m happy to report that it worked as planned, and it only took me a weekend to complete the first prototype.

Cogwheel Baby Cardigan Knitting Pattern: Choosing Buttons

I knit this first one with leftover wool from my Vintersol, and I used buttons I found in my grandmother’s stash. It’s a gift for someone. Maybe a Christmas gift, which would officially make it the earliest Christmas gift I’ve ever made 😁

Cogwheel Baby Cardigan Knitting Pattern: Yoke close-up

This round-yoke design is reminiscent of gears and cogwheels, hence the name. It’s a really easy colorwork method, too. If you know how to make stripes, you can do this pattern. Unlike other methods, you only ever have to hold one color in your hands at any time.

So, since they’re so easy, I cranked out another one in about a day and a half. This one is smaller and bluer, and knit in Berroco Vintage. Vintage is a really nice choice for a baby sweater, because it’s washable and soft.

Cogwheel Cardigan Pattern by Lisa Clarke Cogwheel Cardigan Pattern by Lisa Clarke

The new parents who get the blue one are going to love how washable it is, while the recipients of the pink one are going to curse me for giving their baby a gift that needs to be hand washed. Oops. I wasn’t thinking about that when I started knitting. I hope they can forgive me 😜

Want to make one? Get the pattern.


Posted on 3 Comments

3 thoughts on “The Cogwheel Cardigan for Baby

  1. I love this. I am making this for my great nephew, whose Daddy is a Michigan State fan, so green and white. This pattern is really well written, and is so easy to make. I will send you to my blog once it is finished, so you can see it. Are you going to make an adult pattern of this?

  2. OK, sweater is done and on my blog, if you want to see a picture of it.

    1. Thanks for letting me know! That’s a lovely green 😊

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