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Replacing the Ink in a Polka Dot Cottage Pen

How to Replace the Ink in a Polka Dot Cottage Pen

If you use your pen a lot, there may come a day when it runs out of ink. That’s annoying, but fixable. There’s no need to discard your lovely pen, just because the ink isn’t flowing! Learn how to replace the ink in a polymer clay pen, and continue to enjoy it for years to come!

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Penstravaganza at the Clayathon!

Penstravaganza at Clayathon 2018

I’ve returned from Galloway, New Jersey, the site of the South Jersey Clayathon, and as usual, I had a fabulous time. Read all about my experience this year, get a peek inside our spacious workshop, and see the reason why I am teased for being crazy productive every year!

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TWiP: Clayathon 2018, Part 1

This Week in Pictures: Clayathon 2018, part 1

I’m sitting on a comfy hotel bed, sipping coffee, and putting together this post while the morning sun streams in the window. It’s a beautiful-looking day in South Jersey, and in a few minutes I’ll be heading down to my spacious work space at this year’s Clayathon.

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