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New Knitting Pattern: Porthole Cardigan!

Porthole Cardigan a baby and doll sweater to knit from Polka Dot Cottage Porthole Cardigan a baby and doll sweater to knit from Polka Dot Cottage

Almost a year ago, I published my first baby-sized sweater pattern, and it is consistently one of the most popular items I sell. The process of designing that sweater taught me that new ideas are so much simpler to try out on tiny-sized pieces! Whereas an adult cardigan can take me a month to knit, I can work up a baby sweater in less than a week. Two days, if I devote a lot of time to it.

So when I came up with the idea of a sweater with a patterned slip-stitch round yoke, I knew that a baby sweater would be the best way to work out the kinks of my design.

I knit up three of them last fall (you can find the details here) and then promptly lost interest in knitting anything else at all, let alone getting a pattern written and published. So the idea languished until I needed a baby gift recently, and now -finally- I can share the Porthole Cardigan pattern with you!


The first few of these cardigans were knit for my nieces and one of their dolls, so I really had girls in mind at first. However, the aforementioned baby gift needed to be gender neutral, and having now knit the gray sample, I do believe it really could go either way. In the right colors this could be plenty boyish.

The pattern is sized for babies and toddlers, Newborn to 4T, and there are also two bonus sizes: 15-inch doll and 18-inch doll, meant to fit Bitty Baby and American Girl dolls, respectively.


I was originally picturing a cardigan for myself when I first thought of this design, so an adult size may be forthcoming. Just not soon. Like I said, it takes me a month to knit an adult sweater, and I’ve already got a just-started cardi on the needles. Maybe it can be this year’s “September Sweater.” ☺

Porthole Cardigan a baby and doll sweater to knit from Polka Dot Cottage

Now, don’t let the colorwork on the yoke scare you. If you can knit stripes, then you can easily do this. It’s not like Fair Isle or other stranded colorwork where you work multiple strands of yarn at one time. With this method, you are only ever knitting one color at a time! The pattern is created by strategically choosing not to knit certain stitches, and simply slipping them from left needle to right needle unworked.

If you would like a demonstration of this method, just let me know. I’d be happy to whip up a little YouTube video.

Porthole Cardigans

If you have any questions, please let me know! And if you find an errors in the pattern, please do let me know that as well, so I can fix them. I chose not to send this one off to testers because I had knit so many of the sizes myself already.

You can get more details on the pattern download page, or you can grab it now:

The Porthole Cardigan pattern is also available in print, or from Ravelry, Etsy, Craftsy, and LoveKnitting.

Happy Knitting!


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