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Hashtag Summer Swag

#summerswag a new playlist at Polka Dot Cottage
I feel like I’m constantly sharing new playlists with you lately. I’m on a streak, I guess. The last two were specialty playlists (oldies, and sleepy tunes) while this one is just your average run-of-the-mill seasonal thing I like to do every couple of months.

#summerswag has a selection of mostly new-ish, mostly indie, mostly pop kinds of tunes, with a handful of older favorites thrown in for good measure. Many of the songs have Summer themes, or summer-compatible themes, while others are just there because I like them.

You can listen via the widget below, or visit 8tracks and listen to it on their site/app.

#summerswag from lclarke522 on 8tracks Radio.

Here’s a track listing, for those who hate surprises 😜

1: Bruce Springsteen – Girls in Their Summer Clothes
2: Ingrid Michaelson – Girls Chase Boys
3: Darlingside – My Gal, My Guy
4: Sooner The Sunset – All Because of You (feat. Graham Colton, Lindsey Ray)
5: The Folk Implosion – Free To Go
6: The Mutton Birds – Dominion Road
7: Black Prairie – The 84
8: Billy Joel – Summer, Highland Falls
9: Matt Costa – Sunshine
10: The Guggenheim Grotto – Portmarnock Beach Boy Blue
11: The Weepies – Wild Boy
12: Edie Brickell & The New Bohemians – Me By The Sea
13: DNCE – Cake By The Ocean
14: Smallpools – Dreaming
15: The Kooks – Mr. Maker
16: The Middle East – Land of the Bloody Unknown
17: The Innocence Mission – Keeping Awake
18: Broken Bells – Lazy Wonderland
19: Pajama Club – These Are Conditions
20: Chad & Jeremy – A Summer Song
21: Turin Brakes – Painkiller
22: Sean Bones – Here Now

#summerswag a new playlist at Polka Dot Cottage

About the cover: that’s me at my grandparents’ house in upstate NY in the summer of 1973 (I think?). I was quite the fashion plate back then, between my mini football, red cowboy hat, and striped overalls. I wouldn’t be surprised if my Mom made those overalls, either. Yep, I was totally hip. Summer Swag, baby 😎



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