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Quiet Time (again)

Quiet Time 2, a playlist from Polka Dot Cottage

Hi. This blog has been pretty quiet lately. If not for TWiP and the occasional Weekend Favorites, it might be a ghost town around here! Given the lack of activity and all-around peaceful nature of things, it seems like a perfect time to share my new playlist with you.

It’s another Quiet Time playlist. You can find the first one here. If you liked that one, this is more of the same.

I think it’s a lovely accompaniment to a late spring open window, a crochet hook, and a mug of decaf. (It’s also not bad with Two Dots and a glass of wine.)

Although I think my favorite time to listen is on those weekend nights, when there’s not such a sense of urgency to my need for sleep, and I can lie awake and enjoy the first few songs before drifting off. I usually intend to listen to more than the first few songs, but I fall asleep quickly 😀

Anyway, please enjoy Quiet Time 2. As I write, it is 9pm on a beautiful early June Thursday: quintessential Quiet Time if you ask me 🙂

Quiet Time 2 from lclarke522 on 8tracks Radio.

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  1. Thanks. I love these!!!!

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