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To sew or not to sew

To sew or not to sewI couldn’t ask for a more conducive-to-sewing Christmas Eve. I’ve finished all of my wrapping. The house is relatively clean-ish. The only things on my must-do list are some kitchen tasks (making chocolate cupcakes and pigs in blankets). And it’s currently an unbelievable 68 degrees outside, which is perfect new-dress-wearing weather.

My plan all along has been to turn some cute Christmas fabric into one of my improvised sheath dresses and wear it with black tights and a black fine gauge cotton sweater.

To sew or not to sewBut I kind of just want to leave the sewing stuff on the floor where it is, and lay around all morning instead.

Whether or not I get around to that sewing, I’m so excited it’s Christmas Eve! I don’t know why I’m so worked-up over it this year. Maybe it’s because I finished all of the big stuff with time to spare (that’s kind of a rarity for me). Whatever the reason, I’m like a kid on Christmas! (Eve! LOL!)

I hope those of you who also celebrate have a wonderful few days, too!

If I do make that dress, hopefully I’ll remember to take some pictures in it so I can show you 🙂

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