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Your favorite shops

Ok, so when I haven’t been playing with baby toes or serving yogurt pops and pretzels for every meal while Neil was in Chicago (ahem. Mother of the Year), I’ve been nerding out.

Specifically, I’ve been hanging out on the corner where computer geekery, good business sense, and organizational skills collide, and the result is one that makes me very happy.

See, I have always had my patterns and tutorials available here at Polka Dot Cottage (of course) since I first started writing them, but over the years I have also made some of them available in 7 other online shops.

The problem was that I hadn’t kept all of them entirely up-to-date, and so not everything was in every place that it could be.

Long story short, now it is. Yay!

Where else can you buy Polka Dot Cottage patterns?And I’ve updated my own shop to make it easy for you to switch over and buy what you’re looking at somewhere else, because, hey, I understand that purchasing directly from me is inconvenient if you want your knitting patterns to be stored in your Ravelry library, or if you want a polymer clay tutorial beamed directly to your Kindle. I get it.

So, if you didn’t know before that you could grab my patterns and tutorials in some of your favorite shops, you do now! Here, in fact, is a pretty detailed list. It gives you links to my stuff in all of these shops, and it tells you what you can and cannot expect to find there.

Now tell me, what is your favorite place to buy patterns and/or tutorials? Is it on my list? Because I am more than happy to add venues wherever it makes sense to do so 😙


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