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Weekend Favorites

Do you remember last week when I said that I was going to try to also include my Instagram favorites? Well I figured out how to do it, but there was something I didn’t take into account: I favorite things very differently on Instagram than I do on Flickr.

When I favorite an image on Flickr, I do so specifically with the intention of sharing it here. If I like something but don’t consider it appropriate for the weekly mosaic (for whatever reason) I will choose to comment on the image rather than favorite it.

But on Instagram? Well, I am very free with the little heart button. I tap that thing for anything and everything that catches my eye for whatever reason, regardless of whether it meets the criteria for Weekend Favorites. That type of behavior is not going to work on a weekly basis. Just take a look at what this week’s mosaic would look like if I used all of the Instagram photos I liked:

Weekly Favorites - Instagram

Yeah. That’s a little bit out of control. It’s 102 photos, by the way.

Admittedly, this has been a very active Instagram week for me, and it won’t always be like this. But still. I’m re-thinking the sharing the Instagram favorites. That’s just Crazy Town!

You need many fewer images, if you have any hope of appreciating the beauty of them. They’re just too mushed together this way.

For now, let’s just stick with Flickr as usual…


The mosaic below represents other people’s pictures that spoke to me this week on Flickr. Click on the titles below the mosaic to get a better look at the images and see more from the photographers who made them.

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Weekly Favorites - Flickr

  1. lemon sugar by friend 2 friend via Flickr
  2. Grand Canyon ❤ by Becky~Sue via Flickr
  3. untitled by jessica wilson {jek in the box} via Flickr
  4. Trying to make good on my “learn to crochet” resolution, … by TheFairView via Flickr
  5. 42012 by interchangeableparts via Flickr
  6. 42005 by MossyOwls via Flickr
  7. 7/365 – 15 by moo o’hara via Flickr
  8. Sala De La Musica_viewable by Edith Levy via Flickr
  9. 42009 by kelly ishmael via Flickr
  10. untitled by m i c h e l e j e n s e n [photography] via Flickr
  11. 42012 by kelly ishmael via Flickr
  12. A Late Afternoon Gondola Ride by pollylew via Flickr
  13. 159 | 365 by angiel via Flickr
  14. Macro Monday – Fruit by moo o’hara via Flickr
  15. How to seed a pomegranate by katerha via Flickr
  16. Polymer Clay necklace by Cecilia Leonini, Polymer clay ImpastArte via Flickr
  17. 12-365 – 15 by moo o’hara via Flickr
  18. Covered vase by jaelsjewels via Flickr


Here are a few interesting things from around the web that grabbed me this week:

  • The Fabric Economy of Facebook Groups – from Did you know that there are FB groups that function like online stores, and you can buy fabric through them less expensively than other venues? Abby Glassenberg heard about this and investigated further. In this blog post she shares what she learned, and wonders about the implications of buying fabric on Facebook. I can’t help but wonder if this phenomenon is limited to fabric or if there are similar groups for other types of craft supplies.
  • Liberate Your Art 2015 Postcard Swap – from Kat Eye Studio. I love this idea. You send in five post cards featuring images of your art, and receive back post cards with other swappers’ artwork on them. It’s open to all media. I think I might do it.
  • the creativity club – an idea from elsie marley. Meg says, “This isn’t supposed to be stressful, or another thing on your list. This is just something to mess around with, play with pens, cut some paper, make something without a freakin tutorial.” Sounds like fun. I’m in! #thecreativityclub

I will have to think about whether I want to change the way I do favoriting on Instagram so that I can include those images here, too, or whether I’ll just keep things as-is and stick with Flickr. Or, maybe I can come up with a third option. It’s something to think about anyway.

Have a lovely Friday!

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