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Looming again





Setting up the pegs

Setting up the pegs
Last week, while knitting my delicate, lightweight, super drapey red cowl, I had an idea for a chunky, heavy grayish-tan cowl I could make on the knitting loom.

I’m not much of a loomer anymore. For me, needles just feel easier these days. But the two most active posts on this blog, in terms of still receiving comments years later, are the two where I spend some time tutorializing on loom-knitting concepts (how to make a Luxurious Neckwarmer [including all of the basic stitches], and how to translate a needle pattern to a loom pattern).

People seem to like to come here to learn a little something about loom knitting, and I’m afraid that I really rarely do it myself anymore, let alone talk about it here! So, of course, when an inspiration hits me I kind of have to go for it.

It’s a chunky cowl with a subtle chevron stitch pattern. It took a mere 24 hours, from concept to completion, and that includes time for eating, sleeping and yarn shopping.

I’m not ready to share the whole project yet. There are photos to process and a video to produce (yep, I’m planning another video, too!) These steps could take time.

But I thought I would come here and tease you just a bit with some pictures from the beginning of the process.

Oh! And can I just say, I am in LOVE with my new photo shoot backgrounds. Holy cow. I can’t stop looking at these knitting loom pictures, and I really doubt they would be grabbing me so hard if I’d taken them on my dining room table, or the plain white background of the built-ins by the window.

I know this is veering off topic, but check out those backgrounds in action here:

Soap from Storybook Farm

I’ll tell you more about why I’m taking pictures of stacks of pretty soap another time. The point is: those backgrounds! *swoon*

Ok. I’m done digressing. Meet me back here (hopefully before too, too long) to learn how to make a chunky loom-knit chevron cowl. I haven’t decided how much of the process I am giving away for free, but there will certainly be a free component. At the very least, I’ll teach you all of the basic stitches you’ll need to know.

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  1. How fun, Lisa! Please feel free to link, when you’re ready, in the Shameless Self Promotions thread in the Loom Knitters Group at Ravelry.

    1. Thank you for the invitation – I just posted! 🙂

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