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Charlotte Leydon

Leydon wristwarmers.

Leydon wristwarmers.

Leydon wristwarmers.

So, I finished another knitting project: fingerless gloves. I’ve been using the same pair of green thumbless Dashing for four years, and I decided it was time for a more neutral pair.

I chose Leydon by Alicia Plummer for its interesting stitch pattern. It was certainly that. I wouldn’t call it difficult, but it wasn’t exactly something I found easy to memorize. I referred back to the pattern for every row.

But still, not difficult.

I modified the pattern to be thumbless, since that’s how I prefer my wristwarmers to be. I’ve made a few with thumbs but I never wear them because they are too rigidly positioned. I like to be able to move them up and down my wrist to suit my activity level or my need for warmth.

I made one error, and it’s kind of an obvious one…

Leydon wristwarmers.

Yeah, I probably should have compared the two while I was going, but I really thought I had my counting scheme all figured out and that it wouldn’t be necessary. It seems I was wrong – the second glove has one full pattern repeat more than the first.

Luckily I will be wearing these under sleeves, and nobody will ever see that they don’t match.

Of course, It may be enough to bother the daylights out me anyway. Time will tell.

By the way, I made these using the alpaca yarn I picked up at the NJ Sheep and Fiber Festival last month. I love this soft yarn, and I love that it’s named after the alpaca that donated its fleece. (Her name is Charlotte.) I do think that the weight is a bit light. I find the stitch pattern is not as obvious in my gloves as they are on the pattern website, and I think maybe that’s due to my yarn being less heavy than theirs.

It sounds like I have a lot of complaints about these gloves, doesn’t it? But the bottom line is that they are super soft, and since only a few inches of them will be visible at any time, the fact that they are different lengths isn’t all that important.

Next on the needles? I’m thinking Dovetail Cowl in red.


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Posted on 2 Comments

2 thoughts on “Charlotte Leydon

  1. Love!!! Alpaca is my favorite yarn to knit and wear…for softness, and it doesn’t seem to pill like other yarns sometimes do. What a pretty pattern 🙂

    1. I think I need to do more with alpaca. I love how soft it is, and that’s great news that it doesn’t pill as much!

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