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That Spring Poncho

Spring Poncho, at Polka Dot Cottage

Spring Poncho, at Polka Dot Cottage
I figured I should probably show you my finished Spring poncho while we still technically have some spring left.

I started this project in March. I was very enthusiastic to be using leftover stash yarns from my blanket-crocheting endeavors, and for the most part, that is all I used. I did have to replenish one or two important colors, but mostly I used what I had.

The thing about a poncho is that is starts out with a fairly small loop – just large enough to fit over one’s head. Crocheting a row barely takes 15 minutes, and the project grows quickly. And you feel encouraged by your progress. Fast-forward several stripes, and suddenly it’s taking a whole night in front of the TV just to get through each color. And by then the weather is getting warmer, and you are thinking by the time you finish the darn thing it will be too hot to wear it.

So your progress becomes even more sluggish. And you stare at your crochet basket with a resigned sigh, because you don’t want to start something new until that poncho is finished, but at the same time, if you have to crochet one more stripe you may lose your ever-loving mind.

So you make a deal with yourself: just two more colors, and then you can quit. Just two more colors and then you can stop, even if it’s not as long and flowing as you had originally imagined.

When I started this Spring poncho, I thought that it might be fun to use the warm colors in my stash for a corresponding Autumn poncho, but now… I don’t know. I may not be cut out for poncho-making. Each stripe is bigger than the last, and by the end of the project (when I am already losing steam) each milestone takes longer and longer to reach. Ugh. I need my gratification more instantly than that!

Spring Poncho, at Polka Dot Cottage

Spring Poncho, at Polka Dot Cottage

Spring Poncho, at Polka Dot Cottage

When I first started this, I had intended to make several more stripes, and maybe add some fringe. But a few weeks ago – a few days before we left for Ocean City – I made that deal with myself, and then blocked the living daylights out of it in order to get the extra length I wanted.

It actually worked pretty well! If I remember correctly, I was able to get it about six inches longer. Then I threw it in the back of the van still damp, hung it up to dry the rest of the way in the hotel room, and then wore it on the boardwalk a few nights later. May evenings on the Ocean City boardwalk tend to be pretty chilly, what with the breeze coming off of the water and all, but I found that it kept me nice and warm.

And I really like how it looks. I took some ribbing from the men in my life, who think it’s kind of hippy-dippy, and maybe a bit clowny, but I am starting to learn not to take their opinions too seriously when it comes to style. I may not have my finger on the pulse of fashion, but I think I’m probably less clueless than they are, at the very least!

Anyway, the weather here at home has been far too lovely lately to need much more than a fine-gauge cotton sweater even on the coolest days, so it looks like my Spring poncho is really going to be more of a Fall poncho. It’s ok, though. I would much rather have the warm weather here right now, thankyouverymuch.

Some details: I used this pattern by Le monde de Sucrette, and I started with a chain of 136.

I’m still considering fringe. I’m leaning towards NO, mainly out of laziness, but what do you think? Does it need a little something more?


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Posted on 17 Comments

17 thoughts on “That Spring Poncho

  1. lovely poncho! beautiful cool colors!

    i say “NO” to fringe … it looks clean and sleek and contemporary and simple as is. fringe just looks messy and will get fuzzy or nasty … has nothing to do with laziness!

  2. My vote is for no fringe. It looks great just the way it is! I could see it turning very Western with fringe.
    What a perfect thing to throw on in beachy weather too. Loved your comment about your men giving you a hard time. I get it all the time from my hubs. And you are right on the money….surely we know slightly more than they do about style!! Hehe

  3. I’m not a poncho person. At least I wasn’t! But I really like yours. I also think no fringe needed. It looks great as you wore it, jeans and white top. Nice one!

  4. It’s lovely just like it is! Fringe will just get in the way!!! And, there is the thing about more work….
    It looks good on you! Enjoy!

  5. I’m falling in with the rest, I vote for no fringe. It is perfect as is…. love the way you’ve balanced your colors!

  6. Could you do it from the outer edge in, so that you do the long slog while you have the energy for it, and by the end, each row goes so quickly it’s like magic?

    Regardless, I vote no fringe.

    1. I have thought about that, and while it is probably technically possible, it could be tricky, and I’m not sure if it would end up looking the same. Still, it might be worth a try! I’ll have to see how I feel about it in September or so 🙂

  7. It’s beautiful! Fringe might take it over that fashion edge.

  8. I’m crazy about your poncho – just the way it is. I it were longer I might tell you to go for the fringe, but not at this, shorter, length. This length has a more modern twist to it. I love where it hits you on the arm.

  9. I love the poncho – the colours are fabulous and it looks great on you!

  10. Thank you, everybody, for all of your nice comments! I am happy that my poncho has gotten such a great reception, and I’m even happier that the consensus is to skip the fringe – that means it’s all finished! Yay 🙂

  11. Just found your blog – just fab! Been reading and exploring for the last hour. My mother made me a poncho when I was a teen in the 70s. I absolutely loved it and have wanted to make one ever since. Yours look great just as it is! I have bookmarked your site so I can come back to easily. When I’m big, I’d like to so working so I can indulge all my hobbies and crafts.

    Creative Blessings to you!

    1. Welcome, Leslie-Ann 🙂
      Thanks for the complement on my poncho (and my blog)! I haven’t had the weather here to wear the poncho much, but it should keep just fine until fall. Hope to see you around here again soon!

  12. This looks so pretty, love the colors. These colors will be great in autumn too.

    1. Thank you. Those are my absolute favorite colors, so you are right – I will be happy to wear them at any time of year!

  13. Hi Lisa! Cute poncho! The colors are very beachy. I think with your color palette it give it a “modern” poncho look. I’d say no on the fringe. I like the clean lines.

    1. I’ve decided not to do the fringe. I agree – I like the clean lines, too 🙂

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