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That April Busy Thing

Spring 1/30 - Crocuses!

Hi, all. I realized tonight that I was in danger of having another week where all I managed to do was share weekend links and a knitalong post. And given how simple this week’s knitalong post was, that would be kinda sad.

So I thought I’d tell you what I’ve been up to, at the risk of boring you to tears. I’m not sure how to make the busy days of early April into a compelling read, but I’m going to give it a shot anyway.

I’ll tell you that Neil and I celebrated our wedding anniversary yesterday and went out for Indian food, as we like to do.

And I can tell you that later in the week we have Eamonn’s birthday and a family party to plan (and clean, and shop) for.

And then there’s our taxes, which I told myself I would start in February, but which are still completely untouched. As usual.

Those are the ingredients of the Early April Busy Dance nearly every year, to be honest, but this year I’ve introduced a few new distractions, just for kicks. For instance, I’ve joined a gym, which is something I never thought I would do, but now it just feels like the natural next step in my get-healthier plan. I’ve been going there in the mornings and learning to use the equipment. It’s actually more fun than I expected. (She says, as she sips her homemade blueberry-lime-infused water, having completely cured herself of her well-documented Dr. Pepper addiction [woo hoo!!])

02 mix tapes

Oh! but the big distraction? The one that has engaged my attention when I should be cleaning the kitchen (or blogging. ahem.)? It’s incredibly silly, really. It’s totally something that could wait for a less busy time. And yet…

I’ve been taking all of my old mix tapes from the 90’s, and recreating the playlists in Google Music so that I can listen to them again.

I can’t even begin to express how utterly unimportant a task this is, and yet how completely engaging it has been. And I wish I could share these playlists with you – some of them are really quite good, if I do say so myself…

I have about 5 more to do (until I inevitably unearth others, that is) and then I can listen to these mixes at top volume while I scurry about the house getting ready for Eamonn’s party this weekend.

I’ll be back to the blog in full force definitely after the taxes are done, but I kind of hope it will be sooner than that. I miss this place when I neglect it for too long!

So, how are you all?



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