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Remember me?

I feel like I haven’t been here in forEVER. The days have been so full. At first, they were full of people to see and places to go. But lately, they’ve been full of a welcome lack of those things. In fact, right now I am enjoying just sitting still by the lit-up Christmas tree, knitting the sleeves onto my mother-in-law’s sweater.

I very much enjoy all of our family Christmas activities, but when they are over, I get such pleasure out of the remainder of the week, when there are very few demands on my time, and I can just relax.

In that spirit, I’m going to stop talking now and just share the December merry-making photos I neglected to show you a week ago. These are from my self-directed merriment experiment. (The Picture the Holidays photos will come in a separate post – there are only two days left in the class, so I might as well save it up and share the remaining images all at once.)







I declare this merriment experiment a rousing success. I really enjoyed trying to do (and share via instagram) one merry thing per day (or as often as I could – no pressure). In fact, I’m considering doing something similar in January. I would love to turn my attitude around as far as winter is concerned, and maybe a photo project would be just the thing…

I’ll be back soon with the rest of my Picture the Holidays shots 🙂


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1 thought on “Remember me?

  1. Hey Lisa!! It has been many a day since I have stopped by 🙁 I am taking up knitting ♥♥ Seems like I do a lot of ripping out (frogging??) I am trying not to get discouraged… What do you think of the addi click bamboo needles…I have Christmas money in my hot little hands 🙂 Ripping out is hard, nothing like crocheting.

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