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Weekend Favorites

Do you remember when Black Friday used to just be called “the day after Thanksgiving?” I’m starting to think back fondly on those days…

I don’t know if I’m just getting older and crankier, or if this Christmas creep into November is actually worse this year. It sure feels like it. I’m a super huge fan of Christmas, don’t get me wrong, but I also have always loved Thanksgiving. I hate to see it get crowded out, you know?

Ah well. I’m doing my part by staying home in my PJs geeking out on one thing or another today. No shopping for me, unless it’s late at night after all of the crazy people have gone home. And even that is not likely, because then I’d have to get dressed.

(Actually, I was dragged out to Walmart last Saturday after 9pm by my teenager who insisted he needed cheap sweats right away for costumes he was making, and while we were there, we saw this family in pj pants and slippers. These people were out in public, shopping in their pajamas. So, is that now allowed? Because if it is, I’m going to start doing my food shopping at Midnight, just for kicks…)

On Flickr

The mosaic below represents other people’s pictures that spoke to me this week. Be sure to click on the titles below the mosaic, if you want to know more about the image or the photographer behind it.

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Weekend Favorites at Polka Dot Cottage

1. Jaffa cake.4, 2. “What a large volume of adventures may be grasped within the span of his little life by him who interests his heart in everything.”, 3. Making berry jam, 4. grasses and flare, 5. Diamond Haze – FOR SALE – A LA VENTA, 6. Crochet coasters, 7. African Flower Cushion, 8. Honey, 9. Color Play a Handwoven Raw Silk Scarf

Around the Web

I spend some time each afternoon, Monday through Thursday, sharing my favorite crafty links through social media. And then I repeat them here on Fridays.


Fabric + Scarf Inspiration

Crafty Doctor Who!

Chalk Board Love

Happy Last Friday in November! (cue the holiday tunes…)

Posted on 6 Comments

6 thoughts on “Weekend Favorites

  1. I love the pinkish tones in your mosaic this week! I wouldn’t think of pink as “my” color, but you made me think again!

    Yes, I hate “Black Friday”, even from vendors I love… I had more Black Friday advertizing emails in my inbox this morning than I usually get in a whole week!

    ….and shopping in pj’s and slippers, I’ve seen it more than I can believe! I guess I remember when Friday after was just the day after Thanksgiving too and shopping in pj’s is not an improvement, over the “good ole days”.

    1. I’m with you on pink! But I find that I like it more and more as an accent to my favorite greens. It really enhances them (which I guess makes sense, given that red and green are complementary colors!)

      I successfully ignored Black Friday this year. Instead there was a whole lot of knitting, crocheting, and watching of British mysteries that day 🙂

  2. Yeah. I’m with you about the whole Black Friday thing. I feel it should be a day of resting and reflecting. I try to do most shopping online. I have been ordering all my yarn online as well lately. Love that. 🙂

    1. Ooh, yes, I’ve been a big proponent of online Christmas shopping for many years. I do love to go out and do some proper in-person shopping at least once in the week before Christmas, but the bulk of it is totally online 🙂

  3. Lisa,
    I so look forward to your weekly mosaic & all you do. You are an inspiration! Happy Holidays.

    1. So sweet of you to say! Thanks for the feedback – glad you’re enjoying the posts 🙂

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