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Picture the Holidays

Christmas 2011

Do you remember a few years ago when I took all of those Picture classes from Tracey Clark? It started with Picture Summer. Then I did Picture Fall, Picture the Holidays, Picture Winter, a self-paced version of Picture Spring, Picture Color, and finally Picture Inspiration.

I really burned-out on that kind of class after Picture Inspiration, and I took almost three years off.

I’ve been ignoring all of the Big Picture Classes marketing emails since then, although I didn’t unsubscribe because, hey, you never know when I’ll be open to it again…

Long story short, I’m open to it again 🙂


Picture the Holidays is back, and it’s been updated for 2013. About half of the prompts are new, and the others have been updated in some way. And even if they are not drastically different, it’s alright because I am different. Or, at the very least, I have gained a few years of photography experience: I have new equipment and new perspectives.

I think it’s going to be a lot of fun.

And goodness knows, once the Christmas season really gets into full swing at Casa Clarke, I will need something I can post here that doesn’t require me to come up with a lot of words. Me no talk good when me full of stress.

I do intend to take it easy, holiday-wise. But then, don’t I always? Yeah, I play it really, really cool until about December 23rd, and then HOLY MELTDOWN!

From Christmas 2010

From Christmas 2010

From Christmas 2010

This year’s goals: no meltdown, happy family, lots of pretty pictures.

I think I can swing that.

If you feel like doing the photo-a-day thing in December, too, and you could use some creative prompting, take a look at Picture the Holidays. It’s fun, and there’s a built-in community you can take advantage of, if you like sharing your images and chit-chatting about them.

My sister is taking it with me this time, which is so cool. She’s been getting interested in photography lately, and it’s going to be so much fun to have someone to talk picture-taking with whose eyes won’t glaze over after the first few minutes. Yay!

Think you might be interested? The class starts December 1st, and you can enroll up until December 10th. You can get all of the details here.

I’m excited for this, but I’m also glad it doesn’t start until December 1st. I’m not done with Thanksgiving yet! Please pass the pumpkin pudding.

P.S. all of the links to Big Picture Classes are affiliate links, but I promise, I would still have shared this with you even if they weren’t 🙂

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