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The warmers – UPDATED!

Luxurious Loom-Knit Neckwarmer, updated at Polka Dot Cottage

(This neckwarmer photo is from 2009. It’s making me want to grow my hair long again…)

I hope you’re not getting frustrated with all of the businessey kind of posts these last few days. Not to worry, I’ll get back to more chit-chatty stuff very soon! For now, though, you might be interested to know that I’ve given the Luxurious Loom-Knit Neckwarmer and the Earwarmer Trio the fancypants treatment. They’ve got nice, new PDF formats available, and the neckwarmer also has a “Just the Pattern” version, for those of you who don’t need a full-blown tutorial.

Both of these kinds of warmers are really quick knits, and they make great gifts…  Some of you might want to think about that at this time of year, no?

I’m in a Starbucks right now, sipping coffee and borrowing their internet. Our router is on the fritz. Being without internet is an odd feeling. It’s reminding me of this time last year, when we were without power from Sandy for ten days. It’s similar, but without the chattering teeth, falling trees, flashlights, crank radio, piles of blankets, constantly-going fireplace, and having to crash at our parents’ houses for a week.

So, ok, not really the same at all. Nothing like a nasty hurricane to put a 24-48-hour internet outage into perspective, eh?

I’m sucking it up as we speak 🙂

[Edited to add: it is now several hours later, and I have been to the Verizon store for a new router. The internet is flowing once again. Now that wasn’t too painful, at all!]

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