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Nifty car bumper magnets, and a giveaway!

Build-a-Sign giveaway at Polka Dot Cottage

Ever since last November, when I removed the 2012 election magnet from the back of my van, I’ve been on the lookout for something nifty to put in its place. So when Build a Sign asked me to review one of their products, and I saw that they had a huge selection of customizable car magnets (among many other things), I said, “sure!”

They even sweetened the deal by including a giveaway for my lovely readers (that would be you)!

Ok, so there are a few different ways you can order products at Build a Sign:

  • You can buy ready-made designs.
  • You can customize a ready-made design with different colors, fonts, words, etc.
  • You can make your own from scratch using their selection of available colors, fonts, and clip art.
  • You can make your own from scratch by uploading an image.

I tried all of these things with car magnets. Let me show you:

Build-a-Sign giveaway at Polka Dot Cottage

The New Jersey magnet is a ready-made design. I added it to my cart without changing a thing. Easy peasy.

The Buy Organic sticker actually came with white text on a brown background. I changed all of the colors using their simple and intuitive editor.

After playing around with a few ready-made magnets, I decided to design one from scratch for each of our family websites:

Build-a-Sign giveaway at Polka Dot Cottage

Build-a-Sign giveaway at Polka Dot Cottage

I am kind of a stickler when it comes to branding and logos. I am rarely happy with “close enough” when it comes to font choice, so I was super impressed to discover that they had all of the necessary fonts and colors available to reproduce the logos of Clarkesworld Magazine, Boring Office Guy and I am Flufy exactly.  The editor for the process was the same as for the ready-made magnets, the only difference was that I started with a blank canvas.

They didn’t have the fonts necessary for Polka Dot Cottage, so I uploaded my photographic logo and used that:

Build-a-Sign giveaway at Polka Dot Cottage

It occurred to me that it might be too busy to read with all of that stuff going on, so I made a new, simpler logo image in Photoshop and uploaded that one for a second option.

I found the process of “building my signs” straightforward, and with enough customization options to make even picky me happy.

I’ve put one of the Polka Dot Cottage magnets on my van, a few of the others on the fridge, and have found a surprisingly cool spot in the family room for all of our website logos…

Build-a-Sign giveaway at Polka Dot Cottage

…at least until fireplace season starts up again 🙂

Now, Build a Sign would like to offer you an opportunity to buy a few of your own magnets, or other nifty custom design. They’ve provided the Rafflecopter link below. The only requirement to enter is that you sign up for their mailing list.  As someone who struggles with inbox clutter, I know that can sound like a dealbreaker, but I signed up myself a month-and-a-half ago and have only heard from them twice since then. That’s not bad at all.

So here’s what you could win (winner chooses one):

A winner will be chosen at random on September 18th. Good luck! (North America only, please!)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

signs and banners canvas-prints-website-flickr 9293091973_c740eaf5ef_o-flickr
Bumper Magnets Photo Printing Custom T-Shirts

(By the way, the usual disclaimers apply re: the free magnets I got as compensation for my honest review.)


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