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Blanket progress

Floral blanket in progress, at Polka Dot Cottage
Floral blanket in progress, at Polka Dot Cottage
Floral blanket in progress, at Polka Dot Cottage
Floral blanket in progress, at Polka Dot Cottage

Despite all of the distractions of a sweater-ish variety, I am still plugging away on my mod floral blanket most nights.

The blanket hibernated for a while there while I worked on other things, but I pulled it out again last month, and progress has been fairly steady for the last few weeks.

At (nearly) five blocks by six blocks, it’s getting big enough to imagine what it will be like when it’s finished. I am envisioning a lot of cozy evenings underneath my very own blanket this winter. No more stealing Flufy’s granny square blanket! Or, BOG’s hexagons. Although, it’s usually Flufy’s blanket I take – those are more my colors. Anyway, it will be so nice to have my own. Get ready for it to show up in most of my upcoming cold-weather photos…

My goal is an eight by six layout, so I suspect I could have this done in 3 weeks or so (one row of six per week?). Maybe a little longer, if I end up starting my September sweater at some point in there. (And, who are we kidding? You know I will!)

I’ve been thinking about the border, and I’m toying with the idea of doing something different than my other two blankets. I may stray from the granny design, and go for a scalloped edge that mimics the flower petals. I’m not sure, though. Maybe it’s already girly enough without frilly edges.

It’s a lovely, very quiet Saturday morning. I’m going to go finish up that last square before my coffee gets cold. Enjoy your day!


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Posted on 8 Comments

8 thoughts on “Blanket progress

  1. Blanket looks fab!! I have a load of pregnant friends at the moment who all want blankets! Have just finished one that had a scalloped edge around a central lacey come acorn type middle pattern and it looked nice. Think it would lovely with your flowers.

    1. That sounds nice! I have to give the scallops some thought. I am not much of a girly girl, and I live with all boys, so I may have already gotten as feminine as I want to just by having flowers on it!

  2. I always want to try one of these big projects , but I too get bored easily and am an instance gratification girl. But we are going on a trip to Hawaii and I need something for the plane ride so this might be perfect! Now for the color combo! Beautiful! Thanks!

    1. Oh, it’s the perfect portable thing! The only difficulty is if you choose a color scheme that requires a lot of different colors – it’s a lot less portable when you need fifteen balls of yarn… Also, it’s pretty good for those of us who are into instant gratification (me! me! me!) because you get a bit of that happy feeling each time you finish a square. Or a row of squares. Each milestone is kind of exciting!

  3. Love, Love, Love this!! This is going to be so pretty when you get done.

    1. Thank you – I’m getting eager to finish!

  4. It is coming along so nicely; love the colors and cant wait to see the final product. I also love the first picture with cherios ~ love my honey nut cherios!

    1. I have a bowl almost every morning 🙂

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