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Ocean City, season 7

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We had our regular mid-Spring escape to Ocean City again last weekend. The kids have come to refer to these annual outings as if they were seasons of a TV show. Ocean City, season 7 premiered on a beautifully warm Thursday evening, and ran for five episodes, ending its run on a wet and cool Monday afternoon.

We’ve come to expect rain and cold on these trips. (Remember season 3? Brrrr.) Last year we were spoiled with the most amazing weather, so I guess we  shouldn’t have been surprised to see things return to normal: the loveliest days of the week were the afternoon before we arrived, and the day after we left. We had just one good beach day out of the three full days and two half days were were there. There was a lot of fog and drizzle on this trip, but it wasn’t as cold as it could have been, so that is something.

And we had some late-night fun sneaking up and down the boardwalk in our pajamas under the cover of that fog one night. (Sometimes it’s really cool to say YES to those crazy requests from your kids, even if you think you’d prefer to stay cozy indoors watching PBS with a cup of herbal tea. It ended up being a real hoot!)

This time around, we ate a lot less boardwalk food and had two out of three meals in our room with ingredients we brought from home. And we walked for miles up and down the boardwalk, and into town and back. All of that exercise and good-eating, and I came back home two pounds heavier than when I left. Can you imagine what I would have gained if I’d eaten whatever I wanted and laid around for four days? Yikes.

There was a major beach replenishment project happening while we were there, and it was interesting to watch the equipment do its thing. They appeared to be working round the clock. Hurricane Sandy had washed away a lot of beach, and the dunes were having to be rebuilt.

Additionally, the hotel itself was working on replacing the outdoor carpeting in time for Memorial Day weekend. Usually they have that kind of thing completed by the time of our little vacation, but this year it had been too chilly to get it done.

It doesn’t seem to matter how bad the weather is, I always feel like our time in Ocean City is so special and so fleeting. Maybe someday we can take a whole week there. How cool would that be?

Posted on 3 Comments

3 thoughts on “Ocean City, season 7

  1. Great pics, I love idea of sneaking in pajamas.

    1. It was definitely one of those things that I was glad I forced myself to do!

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