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There is no meat in this post

97/365: Apr 7 - Eamonn's 10th Birthday (celebration #3)

99/365: Apr 9 - Finally feels like spring around here

09 spring 01

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09 spring 04

98/365: Apr 8 - Hmmm, maybe octagons for this blanket?


10 clay

I think you’ll agree that my last few posts have been super meaty. Today, I could use a break from all of that thinking. And writing. So, I’m enjoying the arrival of spring (at last!) here in New Jersey. I have to admit seeing how utterly green Oregon was last week made me a little green myself. New Jersey is still bathed in brown, which is a little odd for this time of year, if my blog archives are to be believed. This photo was taken at this time last year, but it looks nothing like that here yet. We’re still at the Green Haze stage – you know, the part of spring where you peer into the woods and everything is still brown, but the underbrush has this soft green haze on it due to the teeny tiny buds that are just beginning to emerge? I can’t help but think that the green haze stage is usually over by now.

Nonetheless, the thermometer has been hovering around 80 degrees in the afternoon all week so far, and this unseasonably warm spell has done quite a bit to temper my jealousy over Portland’s lush look.

I spent all day yesterday working on my taxes – a task that was made much more pleasant by the fact that the windows and the back door could be kept open. I filled up my spreadsheet to the sounds of birds and peeper frogs, and the refreshing feeling of a cool breeze wafting by. If you have to do your taxes, this is a not-unpleasant way in which to accomplish it. I’ve got a ways to go on this task, so I hope the weather holds.

In more creative news, I’m working on my next crochet blanket, which will be mine (all MINE!), and I am pretty sure that this time I am going the way of octagons. Should be interesting. I’ve done a lot of crocheting followed by a lot of frogging, but at this point I seem to have found what I am going for. There’s been much less frogging going on in the last few days, and some actual progress.

We had a birthday get-together here for Eamonn this weekend, which meant putting away all of my clay supplies. That always interrupts my work flow, mentally as well as physically. I set everything back up this morning, though, so I can get back into the swing of making things (good news, for those of you waiting patiently…). I neglected to remove the party tablecloth before setting up my clay stuff. I hope I don’t regret that.

For someone who didn’t feel like writing, I sure filled up a page, eh? I’d best be off. I’ve got many things to accomplish with the rest of this day! I hope it’s springy and beautiful where you are today, too!



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Posted on 4 Comments

4 thoughts on “There is no meat in this post

  1. It’s finally spring here too! I’m so sad to be missing it while I’m in the office, but yesterday I had the windows open while I laid on the couch sick (most) of the day. Even the drive to the doctors office was nice (for the most part).

    Fingers crossed the weater holds out!

    1. Aw, sorry you are under the weather! Nothing like a beautiful Spring day, though, to put a little color back into your cheeks 🙂

  2. It’s trying to be spring here, too. But it did snow Sunday night and has been pretty cold and windy. Today was better. The grass is greening, but our green haze is a couple weeks out yet.

    1. I really don’t think I’d like the Montana weather very much 😉

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