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Almost time…

I’m getting ready to re-open the Handmades Shop for custom orders. Today, that meant sweeping up some of the virtual cobwebs and updating the stock on the shelves. I concentrated mostly on the Crochet Hook section. Remember that handful of hooks I made at the Clayathon back in January? Well, I finally photographed them properly […]

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How to crochet a half hexagon

Today we are going to take your mostly-finished blanket and begin squaring-off the sides. I’ll be honest. This is the part of the project that really excited me the most when Boring Office Guy and I were first exploring the idea of making him a hexagon blanket. Most of the googling I did turned up […]

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Weekend Favorites

Ah, Friday! I’m enjoying this little Friday image-and-link-sharing tradition. We can call it a tradition now that we’ve done it eight times, can’t we? I think so. On Flickr 1. Untitled, 2. home, 3. folk art coin purse, 4. DSC_0026, 5. Crocheted and felted tiny heart., 6. Slowly coming along, 7. Untitled, 8. Mini vintage […]

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