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Weekend Favorites

I have written and re-written my little introductory paragraph here about fifteen times. Some days, I just can’t seem to string a compelling sentence together. (usually those are the days that my esteemed family is nearby making all manner of noise. ahem.) I suppose it’s a good thing that I don’t really have to write anything here. I can just let the pretty pictures do the talking… (and there are some really pretty pictures this week!)

Flickr favorites

1. Saturday:: #potsofcolor, 2. Untitled, 3. Got one #clock set ahead., 4. Crowned Quail Of California, 5. Journey, 6. Needle #felted beads ready to become earrings., 7. Switch cover – polymer, 8. Off Centered Improv Center, 9. chickies, 10. Cheerful 10-Petal Square, 11. Noro Hat, 12. Rosina II. Wunderstäbchenarmband 1

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Enjoy the links, but don’t spend all weekend online 🙂 See you Monday!



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Posted on 2 Comments

2 thoughts on “Weekend Favorites

  1. Love your images 🙂

    1. Thanks! (Although, I should point out, in case it wasn’t clear, that I didn’t take these particular photos – they’re pictures I liked from other photographers on flickr.)

      They are very pretty – I love them, too!

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