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Getting closer…

Isn’t it exciting when the end of a long-term project is within reach? While there’s something nice about the process, there comes a time when the process gets to be too tedious for words and all you want is to move on to the next thing! Been there?

24 blanket

Well, today I am so happy because I am five hexagons away from completing the center of this blanket! (And actually, truth be told, by the time you read this I will probably have done those five hexes – I am highly-motivated.) I am burning out on hexagons. There are only two things keeping me going right now:

  1. Aidan. This blanket is for him, and I want finish it so he can have it!
  2. You. Committing to post about this blanket every week has made me crack the whip on myself more than once. Accountability can be a good thing.

Now that I’m (nearly) done with all of the full hexagons, my weekly goals are going to look a little bit different. This week, I’ll be finishing up those last five full ones, and then delving into the world of half-hexagons. This means next Monday there will be a new tutorial waiting for you. Don’t worry if you’re not ready yet – the tutorial will be there whenever you are!

[By the way, I nerded-out last week and created this new thing for the blog that I call “projects.” This particular blog post belongs to the Lakeside Forest Blanket Project, which means that it will contain a helpful section at the end of the post containing links to more information. (I haven’t tested this on rss, email or the app yet, so if you are reading through one of those vehicles and are not seeing these links I’m talking about, be sure to click through and read the post on my website until I get it all straightened out.)

Also, there is a “project page” for every project, and that page includes all of the blog posts related to the project, as well as those other links and resources I mentioned. I hope this will make it easier for everyone to find all of the information they need about some of the cool things we make together here! So far, there are also project pages for Flufy’s Granny Square Blanket, the Beginner Button Class, and my Family Room Makeover.  There’s more to come, too.  Sorry, this all got broken in the redesign of 2015, and I haven’t bothered to fix it. I don’t think anyone was really taking advantage of it, anyway.]

Ok, so meet me back here next week. I’m going to show you how to make half hexagons. We’re almost finished now!


All of the instructions and step-by-step photos for the entire project are available in this handy PDF. Click the thumbnail below for more details 🙂

Posted on 3 Comments

3 thoughts on “Getting closer…

  1. So close! Yes I’d be churning out the last few too. Your crocheting is perfect, like my mom’s was.

  2. It’ll looking good!

  3. […] Last time we talked about it, I had a small handful of full-size hexagons to finish, and eight half-hexes – a task I allowed myself a week to complete. But, see, Saturday was a very social and busy day for me, and after one of those kinds of days, I – introvert that I am – tend to need a peaceful day in my PJs, doing quiet things. This particular peaceful Sunday resulted in me finishing 95% of the week’s crochet in one day. […]

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