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Hexagon blanket: why 18 at a time?

You’ve probably noticed that I am measuring my weekly goals in 18 hexes at a time. It’s not as arbitrary as it sounds. It’s based on the colors I’m using. Remember way back at the beginning we talked about choosing yarn for your blanket? If you haven’t seen that post, go ahead and take a […]

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Weekend Favorites

I logged on to my Flickr account yesterday to get ready to generate this week’s mosaic, when I discovered I hadn’t favorited a single photo. Well, in the past I might have shrugged and said, “no big deal.” But this is the new Lisa. This is the Lisa that has committed to sharing links and photos in […]

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The Seamless Artemisia Sweater

When Mercedes Tarasovich-Clark asked me to be a part of the blog tour for her Craftsy class, “The Seamless Artemisia Sweater,” I was happy to say yes. As you’ve undoubtedly heard me say before, I love Craftsy classes, and this particular class looked like it had the potential to teach me a few things. As […]

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Last night it snowed. Today it yarned.

So the snow storm came last night, but didn’t treat us too badly here in our little corner of New Jersey. I’d say we didn’t get any more than 10 inches. And I didn’t hear much in the way of wind, either. Whew. You know how I feel about wind. Still, even though we were […]

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