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Hat-for-Me Month!

I’ve come to the conclusion that January is always “Lisa Knits a New Hat Month”: Rose Hill Hat (knitting loom edition) Fiesta Hat (also on the loom) Turn a Square Irish Hiking Hat I think, most likely, if I were satisfied with any one of these hats, the others probably would not exist. It’s just, […]

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Crochet-along! Choosing colors

Are you interested in working on a hexagon blanket alongside me? I’m almost ready to post the first tutorial: how to crochet a hexagon, and how to join it to a second hexagon. Assuming I don’t have the flu, I will get that written up and posted by tomorrow. (I have a slight fever and a […]

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Weekend Favorites

I thought it was about time I revived the ol’ Friday Flickr Favorites tradition, but with a twist. I would also like to start sharing links to crafty things I found around the internet. First, though, Flickr. (You can click on the images for individual photo credits) I didn’t spend much time on Flickr in […]

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Of rice pillows and surgeries

One of the secret Christmas crafts I made was a rice pillow. Well, actually three rice pillows. I followed Blair’s tutorial, which was terrific, but I made a few changes. For one, I didn’t bother closing up the pillowcase. I didn’t have a problem with the end being open, and I couldn’t bring myself to […]

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