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History repeats itself

This afternoon, I crossed some pretty big stuff of of my list, and I am celebrating by allowing myself to drop in here for a few moments of blog time.

I have this great little widget on my WordPress dashboard that shows me what I posted around this time in previous years. Usually there are at least 2 or 3 posts to show per year, often 4. This week, though? Apparently I am always too busy to blog this week:

If nothing else, it proves I am consistent in my ability to save all of my holiday prep until the last minute. I’m not sure that’s really something to be proud of, LOL!

I am also amused that I have two posts with the same title a year apart from each other. It almost makes me want to name this one “Merry merry!” too!

I wish a heartfelt Merry Christmas to those of you who celebrate! I’m going to take a few days off now, but I’ll be back to show you some of the handmades I have been cranking out at a frantic pace this past week. I’ve been taking plenty of pictures so I can share properly when there’s time!

Merry merry! (see, I had to work that in there somewhere…)

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