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Magazine e-subscription giveaway!

I’ve been trying to wean myself off of print magazines lately, for both ecological and household decluttering purposes.  I love curling up with a good crafty magazine, and I have to admit that I have always thought the tactile multi-sensory experience of page-turning was a big part of that. So I didn’t expect this, but I don’t really miss the rustling pages, and I don’t find the magazine-reading experience to be diminished by the technology at all. Plus, there’s something to be said for the ease of carrying around a whole library of crafty inspiration in one simple device.

By way of serendipity, Zinio contacted me just as I was dipping a toe into the electronic magazine world.  Zinio is an app that allows you to subscribe to magazines and read them right there on your tablet device (Android or iPad) or home computer (PC or Mac). Their selection of magazines, including many of the crafty variety, is pretty impressive.

(You can explore their subscription catalog via any of Zinio’s free apps.)

So here’s the good news: Zinio has given me a number of free subscriptions to hand out to some lucky readers!  All you need to do is leave a comment on this post. Tell me the name of your favorite magazine, if you like. Expand my horizons! Leave your comment by Midnight Tuesday, November 27, and I will choose winners at random.

Here’s something else neat: Zinio is currently running a sweepstakes. Enter to win an iPad mini. All entrants receive a $5 off coupon that they can use towards any magazine in their catalog. Nice, eh? Even if you don’t win my giveaway, you still get a little something just for entering the sweepstakes.

Good luck!

[Disclaimer: I was offered e-magazines in exchange for this post, but (as always) all opinions contained herein are my own.]



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Posted on 28 Comments

28 thoughts on “Magazine e-subscription giveaway!

  1. Knit Wear is my absolute favorite magazine – excellent technique focus and articles. I learn something from every issue and the patterns are things real people can wear, not just high fashion knitted nonsense. Thank you for sharing this opportunity!

  2. Besides the usual crochet magazines I’m a big fan of Real Simple, Craft Inc., and Dwell.

    Oh and it would be so much fun to win this contest – it closes on my birthday!

  3. I never thought of the aspect of having magazines on my iPad as a way of being green and of keeping clutter in my house down. There are several magazines I would like to subscribe to, but I find the clutter unacceptable, so this is an excellent alternatives. I’m a knitter, crocheter and quilter, so there are several I would subscribe to. My first choice would be Fons and Porter’s American Patchwork and Quiting. Thanks for opening my eyes!

  4. I don’t know that I will be telling you of a new magazine but I do love Interweave Crochet and Crochet Today. It is interesting to hear that you don’t miss the paper form, that has always been my struggle and reason for not trying the digital version of magazines up until this point!-Thanks for the chance to win and Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. Thank you for the giveaway! My favorite is Vogue Crochet.

  6. My favorite is Interweave Knits (which I already read on Zinio!), but I also love Martha Stewart Living and Marie Claire Idees (in French).

  7. My favorite magazine is Burda but I also love to read crochet and knitting magazines. Thank you.

  8. I would love love to be able to read interweave knits on my ipad. right now any subscription cost is out of my budget. this would be an awesome win for me. thanks for doing this Lisa!! Hope you have a great Thanksgiving

  9. Thanks for pointing out this service–such a terrific range! I love so many of those magazines, and interweave knits is one I normally don’t look at because it isn’t at the grocery store! Hope I win! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  10. I love, love, love Zinio! KnitScene is currently one of my favs.

  11. I love your blogs and your tutorials, especially the button ones. I would love to win a subscription to Cloth Paper Scissors. They offer so many mixed media ideas! Thanks for the chance….

  12. Hi Lisa, A few years ago I bought a Kindle, wasn’t sure I would like it because I love the feel of the paper or hardback books, so it was a large leap for me. It turns out I can’t put it down. I carry it with me where ever I go. The thought of carrying all my books on one unit and still enjoy the thrill of a read and totally forget that it’s an electronic device and not an actual book, is quite an eye opener for me. So, I took another leap into the new world of electronic devices and got a small tablet called the Nexus. I believe the same thing will be happening to me with this new device, carry everything with me and no bulk. To be able to carry magazine subs. on this tablet is great in many ways, but one that comes to mind right away is the pages don’t get crumpled or ripped pushing it in and out of my carry-all bag. Just one of many reasons that this offer of winning a free subscription sounds wonderful. I’m just getting into working with clay, so any magazine addressing that process is fine with me. Thanks for a great blog, great information and projects. Fun… Happy Turkey Day!

  13. I read about 20 magazines, all on my iPad. National Geographic is absolutely gorgeous and was my first e-mag. In the crafty genre I subscribe to PolymerCafe, Making Jewelry, and Beads and Beyond. The last two are British magazines, with good contemporary projects. I also read Making and Molly Makes, both of which often have crochet projects.

  14. I love the Interweave Knits magazine but I’m also a big fan of the British magazine Mollie Makes.
    I have just found your blog via Ravelry where I was looking at the Tea Leaves cardigan pattern 🙂


  15. My favorite magazine is Nylon. They always have awesome clothes/new music in their issues.

  16. Hi – i have been reading your blog for about 1 month now and really look forward to reading your new posts – i found it when i was googling loom knit neck warmers, and i made it and love it! Thanks! I dont know what Zinio is but i am going to look it up now, I have an Ipad and use the kindle app for reading, but would like to try magazines, my favorite is Good Housekeeping or Family Circle – i dont really know of any crafting magazines but now i will have to look that up too! Thanks for the chance to win, and thanks again for posting that loom knitting video on the neck warmer! – Jen Gottschalk

  17. My favourite magazine is called ‘landscape’ – in the UK.

  18. Right now I’m into sewing and I love Stitch magazine. Lisa, this is a great giveaway.

  19. Hobby Farm!

  20. The yoga journal is my favorite

  21. I don’t have a tablet device, but I’ve toyed with the idea of getting mags on my PC. I loooooove knitting and quilting magazines! Interweave has my favorite yarny subscriptions.

  22. My favorite(s)? Martha Stewart’s Living Magazine and Mary Jane’s Farm.

  23. Lisa, I have done a major clean out too and have vowed not to subscribe to any mag that’s not digital. I have to credit Interweave for putting so many of their back issues on CD sets.

    I would say Bead and Button.

  24. Hello lisa.
    First of all I would like to really thank you for your blog. I am writing from Spain and weeks ago I came across your app at the store. I have learned to crochet and knit by myself in the last two years and your posts give me new ideas and open doors for future projects. I also like how your post are written with useful tips, how you introduce your daily comments, events in USA…
    I do not really know any of the magazines you have there. Which one would you recommend?
    Thank you. Best wishes

  25. I get a lot of health motivation from Experience Life. I agree with others about Yoga Journal and Mollie Makes! If I win, I will probably choose knitscene or stitch.

    Thanks! Happy Thanksgiving to all in the US

  26. My favorite magazine is Step by Step Wire. It is awesome and full of great jewelry projects. I love your blog! I love all the cute projects you do!!!

  27. Hi there, my name’s Gulnaz n i live in Karachi, Pakistan. I took up knitting earlier this year, on my trip to London where i got in touch with a splendid lady who’s authored two books n is a knitting guru.

    I’d like it if u choose me for this giveaway; i’m in love with knitting n have completed a few projects for family n friends. I don’t find these magazines here n buying them online is a bit pricey. My fav is Let’s Knit, bought a copy on my last trip n love flicking through. Have eyed quite a few beginners’ project n plan on doing them soon.

    My next aim is to learn to crochet, a new year’s resolution really. Loved yr post on button making; wld love to give it a try but unfortunately don’t get all the supplies here.

    I look fwd to your decision. Have a good day!!!


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