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My approach to doing production work has always been the same: get excited about an idea, work on it for three weeks straight, burn out, close my custom shop, resist all efforts to bring me out of retirement until I get excited about another idea. Lather, rinse, repeat. Well, I thought I should try something […]

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Weekend surprises

The above are some scenes from part one of our weekend: a surprise overnight stay in Ocean Grove. The boys had never spent the night there before, so they were excited when we revealed about an hour into our trip, that it wasn’t a day trip after all… we’d booked a room and would be staying! It […]

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Knitting Loom Picks and Steel Crochet Hooks

I evicted the sewing machine from the dining room this week and pulled out my claythings for the Fall making season. As you may have already read, I’m making custom crochet hooks again. Also pens. And buttons. [subliminal message: think holiday gift-giving for your crafty friends!] This year I am also introducing something else I think […]

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Day Two

As in, Day Two of me being home alone for the first time in – literally – months. My 7th-grader and 4th-grader started school yesterday, and I’ve been spending my time doing laundry, food shopping, catching up on business email, knitting a tiny sweater, and getting my calendar populated with everybody’s work and school schedules. […]

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100 Snowflakes to Crochet

What’s nicer than a new crafty book when you’re spending time stuck on the couch? Not much, I’d say. Especially when you only have to reach into the yarn basket next to you for all of your supplies. And even more so, if the projects are straightforward enough that you can attempt a few of […]

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