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Lifestyles of the Faux Rich + Famous

Hello. My name is Flufy. A few short years ago, I was like you: a simple everyday guy, working for a modest living.

And then I discovered the secret to riches and success beyond my wildest dreams.

Fancy cars.

Fine wines.

Access to the most upscale clubs.

The adoration of jealous onlookers.

My own gorgeous estate, which I have opened to the public (formal attire only, please).

You, too, can experience this level of wealth and power. Simply attend my 2-hour seminar entitled, The Flufy Effect: Riches and Fame for Pre-Teens, and before long you could be standing on the grounds of your own well-manicured estate. Just ask this happy customer:

Before  I attended Flufy’s seminar, I was a lowly peon in a dead-end job. Now, I own all of this!

The Flufy Effect seminar is well worth every penny, as you can see. Simply have your parents wire $9,999.99 to my bank account in the Caymans, and I will send you a personal invitation to join me on my estate for the most influential two hours of your life.

You can’t afford to pass up this opportunity. Operators are standing by.


Posted on 4 Comments

4 thoughts on “Lifestyles of the Faux Rich + Famous

  1. Lol, too funny

  2. Well, I suppose the seminar would be worth it if I knew that a pretty woman in a handmade shawl would also be on the scene. Otherwise, meh…..

  3. That is so clever and cute looks like a great day..

  4. Such a fun post! Loved the whole thing — even the Polka Dot Cottage sign. This was just great!

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