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Pillow talk

So, I spent today sewing pillow covers.

I’m pretty happy with them. I’m currently ensconced in a corner of the couch, with my back up against two of those very pillows, comfy as can be. I sat down, all ready to start tutorializing pillowcase-wise, but there are so many little distractions around here. I just can’t focus!

The boys are playing Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World on the Wii, and I keep looking up during the snippets of dialog, despite myself. Some of the character interactions are actually kind of amusing. (FYI, if you have kids who are fans of this game, I can tell you that Aidan would be over the moon to have a little company on his Symphonian Club fan site. Invite your kids to drop by and say “hi!”)

No, I just can’t crank out a tutorial tonight. It’s already 8pm and I’m feeling the pull of the ol’ Sunday night TV and crochet…

Maybe tomorrow my laptop and I will escape this busy house for a little quiet writing time (and an icy beverage). Yeah, that sounds about right. I haven’t been alone in nearly a month, unless you count running quick errands. And I don’t.

In other news, if you are waiting for me to send out the sheet swap packages, your wait will soon be over. I’ve been working on that, too, this weekend, and I’m almost ready to mail. Maybe even tomorrow. I so appreciate your patience with this one, swappers. It’s been kinda crazy this summer!


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Posted on 10 Comments

10 thoughts on “Pillow talk

  1. Oh my goodness! You certainly were a pillow cover makin’ machine today! Rock on wit’ yo’ bad self! Really gorgeous color scheme you have going there!

    1. Thanks 🙂 I’m really quite happy with them, especially when they’re all together in a big pile like that.

  2. I am [sew] exited for the sheets to arrive! I recently took my first sewing class (oh yes, I signed up for this without knowing how to even thread my machine) and now I have so many ideas bouncing around in my head for my new fabric. Can’t wait until it arrives!

    And I have to say Lisa I am so impressed. Despite all of the hurdles you’ve kept up with the sheet swap and kept us informed when things were going to be delayed. Thank you again for organizing!

    1. Ooh, fun! I have such great memories of my first few months sewing. It was five years ago, and pretty much entirely chronicled on this blog 🙂

      Thanks for your nice words… I would have liked to get it all done faster, but I’m glad you understand!

  3. There’s just something addictive about making pillow, I don’t know why, but I love to do them too. You deserve some down time. It’s the mother figure in the family that always keeps things together.

    1. I could probably make another nine tomorrow, if I had the fabric… it is definitely addicting! Nearly instant-gratification.

      I didn’t get to leave the house today, but I did manage to sneak upstairs with the laptop, leaving instructions with Neil to the effect of “I’m not here for the next two hours.” It didn’t quite have the atmosphere (or icy beverages) of the coffee shop, but it still helped.

  4. Those are seriously groovy pillow re-dos. Well done, you.

    1. Thank you – I am really pleased with them 🙂

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