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I’m getting that itch again. The same one I had roughly four years ago. If you were here then, you might know what I’m talking about… I feel another sheet swap coming on. What do you think of trading pieces of your pretty vintage sheet finds? And maybe pillowcases, too?  They’re perfect for turning into […]

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Me and my paper hat

Oh, I do like this hat. I did not care much for crocheting with paper, but I think the end justifies the means.  And the pattern was fairly easy, too.  I could see myself making another in cotton (and probably in about half the time – cotton would be significantly easier to work with). My […]

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When the going gets tough…

…the tough start a new project! I had a lousy day Friday, from the moment I woke up, until roughly 6pm, which found me hanging out with my sweet family, and sipping a vodka collins at the Stirling Hotel. Things were much better after that. Leading up to that moment, though, there had been a […]

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Seasonal reading

I can tell that summer is on its way just by looking at my coffee table reading. Knitting and Crocheting books are gradually making room for food books and memoirs, or those best-of-both-worlds kind of books: food memoirs. I suppose I’ve become a bit predictable in recent years, but what can I say? My interests […]

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