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Flufy’s Granny Square Blanket, part two

Ready to finish that blanket? If you’ve been following along so far, at this point you should have something that looks  like the image above.

If you missed Part One of this project, where I explained how to get this far, read this post first and then come back here to get the scoop on doing the border.

In all actuality, you could probably stop here if you really wanted to, but I prefer to add a border. It makes the blanket look more complete, and it helps eliminate that wavy-edge.

Choosing Border Colors

There are many techniques you can use to add a border to a blanket, but for this blanket, I wanted to keep the granny square thing going.

Remember how we made each square: a large center main color, one round of an accent color, and then two rounds of two different main colors.

Think about our blanket so far as the large center of a giant granny square. In order to make it fit in with our color rules, we’ll need to add a round of accent color and two rounds of two different main colors, around the entire thing.

Choose your colors carefully. The border won’t be terribly large, but it will have a significant impact. You should use three colors that you really want to stand out, because not only will the whole blanket be surrounded by these colors, but the border will also have the effect of making those colors pop in the center of the blanket as well.

This is the part where Eamonn and I had to compromise. I was very set on using gold as the accent color, but he was equally set on red. Additionally, he didn’t want a three-round border at all, but a one-round border, entirely in red. In the end, we went with my three-round idea, but replaced my gold accent with the red he wanted. Luckily both of us are happy with the results!

Crocheting the Border

If you still have a loose end from the last square you made, then join the AC to that end, and insert your hook into that corresponding space. If all of your ends are already woven in, just make a slip knot and insert your hook into any non-corner space of your choosing.

Border Round 1: By now you are an expert at making a granny square, so I don’t need to tell you the specific stitches. This round is exactly like all of the others we’ve done, except it’s much larger. When you get to a spot where one square has been joined to another, use the gap between the two squares as one of your spaces to 3dc into, as shown above, and then just keep going.

At the end of the first border round, the entire blanket will be surrounded in the accent color. This may not look terrific, and you may wonder if you should have included an AC in the border at all, but don’t worry. The final two border rounds in the MCs will nicely tone down the AC and it will return to being simply a complementary accent.

Switch to MC1 and crochet Border Round 2 in the same manner as Border Round 1.

Switch to MC2, add Border Round 3 in the same manner as the previous two rounds, and your blanket will be complete!

You may wish to block the blanket, but I felt it wasn’t really necessary. If you do want to lightly block it, spread it out on a rubber floor or blocking tiles, pin the edges and corners, and spritz it with water. Let it sit overnight, or until dry.

Of course, the best part of all is sharing the fruits of your labor with a special someone. Especially if he is an experienced practitioner of the art of being cozy!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this tutorial and that it has made some sense!  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask them here.

There’s an eBook

This project is available as a handy PDF in two flavors: a step-by-step photo tutorial, and a pattern-only version for the crochet-savvy.

Thanks for your continued support!


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Posted on 7 Comments

7 thoughts on “Flufy’s Granny Square Blanket, part two

  1. Love this! I want one too… XoXo

    1. Thanks! I like it a lot myself. I’m enjoying using it when Eamonn isn’t around 🙂

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