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Not bad, for homemade

Spring weekends. Something about the sunny sky and warm breeze stirs feelings of domesticity in me. This is the time of year when I start thinking about farmer’s markets, fresh ingredients, and maybe finding some healthier ways to do some of our favorite foods.  So it was perfect timing that the library had a copy […]

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I’ve been watching all of you lucky iPhone users play with Instagram for almost a year. I don’t have a smartphone (I’ve got the cheapest low-frills cell phone and plan on the planet), but Neil got me an Android tablet for my 40th birthday last year, and ever since then, I’ve been playing with photo […]

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I’m having a deliciously lazy weekend.  And as I lay around, flipping through books, I have visions of domesticity dancing in my head. The challenge is to translate those visions into action, once Monday comes. I read somewhere about Heidi Swanson‘s Millet Muffins. I really thought someone posted it here, in response to my request […]

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Flufy’s Granny Square Blanket, part two

Ready to finish that blanket? If you’ve been following along so far, at this point you should have something that looks  like the image above. If you missed Part One of this project, where I explained how to get this far, read this post first and then come back here to get the scoop on […]

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Happiness is a handmade blankie

I finished it. And a nine-year-old somebody was very happy. Did you see the post where I showed you how to make granny squares and put them together? Well, sometime in the next few days, I will show you how to make a border. Then you can make your own nine-year-old son (or your niece, […]

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Spring walking

I’ve started walking again. I am entirely too sedentary during the day, I think, and I know it’s not good for me. So, I’ve started walking again. This weekend, I went out twice.  the first time, I took both boys with me. It ended up being more of a leisurely stroll than a proper walk, […]

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Green blah

I want to love green smoothies, really!  My go-to breakfast choice is nearly always abyssmal (coffee and a cookie, anyone?). So, I’ve been experimenting with them for a few weeks. I started with Heather (Beauty That Moves)’s basic recipe, and I’ve changed it up here and there.  I’ve used soy milk, whole milk, and almond […]

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