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A banner day

I may have gone just a little bit banner crazy.  I was in the middle of making letter tags to attach to my fabric bunting (because that’s what everyone does the day before a party when half of the house is still in need of a good cleaning, right?) when it occurred to me that the tags kind of looked nice on their own.

Add a blue background…

And a bit of baking twine

And yes. Very happy.

So up the little tag banner went on the brick fireplace, leaving me with the three fabric banners I usually put up there during parties.

I love these fabric banners, so I found places to hang them. And now I’m thinking I should have hung them this way a long time ago.  They make these spaces seem so much more festive.

Someday I will make more of this fabric bunting. Polka dots this time, maybe?

P.S. Were you going to ask about the tag punches? Get ’em here and here.

P.P.S Happy 12th Birthday yesterday to my sweet Aidan! My, that went fast.


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