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The year in review(ish)

Favorites from Project 365 2011: Up Close and Personal

Another year, another Project 365.  This was my third one, and I so enjoyed it!  These are a few of my favorite images.  You can see the rest on flickr or picasa (your choice – I’m in both places at the moment, waffling between which I prefer more).

This time around I gave myself a theme of “up close and personal” for two reasons:

  1. it would force me to pay attention to the little things in life
  2. it would give me some practice with close-up photography

I think it was a great success! Why? Because I had fun with it, because I am pleased with so many of the photos I took, because I’ve learned a thing or two, and because I am not ready to stop!

I felt this way when I did “a year of mornings” in 2010, too.

So, what’s on the docket for 2012’s daily photo project? I’ve decided to call it “a year in the life,” which is basically just a cheap way out of making a decision at all… I suspect there will be a lot of close-up shots taken in the morning, though… stick with what you love, right?

Speaking of things I love, would you like to see the 2011 handmades?

Handmade in 2011

This isn’t just a highlights mosaic. This is all of them! I feel like maybe I was less prolific this year than in previous ones. There are still so many unfinished projects living in my brain (and some that have gotten a hold of my credit card to purchase supplies and are living in little bags my house).

You can see these completed projects up close here on the blog, or you can check them out on flickr or picasa.

So. It’s January, 2012. So many pictures to take and creative projects to tackle in the coming year.  The world is brand new with possibilities.  What should we do first?!

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2 thoughts on “The year in review(ish)

  1. So I’ve got to ask: what’s the next craft you’re going to adopt? ’cause I’ve watched you tackle clay, sewing, knitting, crocheting, photography, so far.

    One thing I need to borrow is the 365 photos / photo a day project. And up close and personal sounds about right!

    1. I really don’t know! I’m actually pretty content right now. I do want to learn pottery at some point, but I’m not ready for that kind of space/supply commitment. Maybe after the kids move out 😉

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