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We had a beautiful weekend here, filled with family, celebrating, day-tripping, and beautiful weather.  Eamonn had his First Communion on Saturday, and on Sunday Neil suggested we take a trip to New Hope, PA.

New Hope is just the kind of tourist-trap town Neil (along with the little men we live with) don’t particularly care for.  But my husband knows I enjoy strolling through quaint spaces and window-shopping, so he asked if I’d like to go for Mother’s Day.  I said “yes!”, he gave the boys the “suck it up for Mom” speech, and we made a day of it.




Lambertville, NJ is just across the Delaware River from New Hope, and the two are connected by way of a bridge that also has a pedestrian path.  We parked in Lambertville in a lot that was adjacent to a waterfall and an old canal, and hoofed it over the bridge to New Hope, stopping along the way to notice some boats on the river.



Once there we walked through the town, stopping first at the ever-quirky Love Saves the Day to buy a few action figures for the boys.   We continued down the road, going into the occasional shop, enjoying an ice cream cone, and stopping to pet a piglet.  The piglet’s name was Petunia, and yes, she was available for adoption, and no, we did not put her in our pocket and take her home.



It seems we were not the only family out for a Mother’s Day stroll.  We were in good company with the geese and the ducks.



Before long it was back across the bridge to feed the meter.  Neil and the boys stuck around the van and played in the grass, while I took a quick run into Sojourner to window shop by myself (the boys sucked it up pretty good for me, but they only have so much patience for these things, I know!)

What a nice way to spend the afternoon.  A great weekend, really.  And I’m looking forward to an equally fabulous week, too.  The weather is going to be amazing, my house is clean, I don’t have any major events to prepare for, and I can put my feet up with my laptop next to a gloriously-open window, and dig into some of the online work that has been waiting ever-so-patiently for me.  I’ve been so necessarily focused on family and household things since late April that it’s a real relief to step back and work on a client’s website for a while, or get Polka Dot Creations back up and running – my 3-day hiatus there turned into a week and a half, I was so overwhelmingly busy!

So now it’s back to work, and my inner geek is beside itself with glee 🙂

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5 thoughts on “Weekending

  1. Looks like you had a wonderful time with your family Lisa! Your boys are so cute, especially Eamonn in his suit. That must have been a very special day for him. (And for you guys!) Congratulations!

    1. Yes, the little one does clean up well, doesn’t he, LOL! His eyes were puffy and his lips all chapped from seasonal allergies, but he still managed to look cute in a suit. It was a very nice ceremony and we had a good family party afterward. Nice weekend, in all! Hope you had a good Mother’s Day!

  2. I have been to New Hope. Loved it. Karen and I got our first rings there. looks like the “boys” sucked it up good for you and that you had a wonderful time

    1. Ooh, did you have your motorcycle with you when you were there? Main Street seems to be very biker-friendly 🙂

      1. no, no bikes then. We would of had to ride double so we decided the car would be better.

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