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Show off those pasty white legs: a giveaway

Well, ladies, it looks like winter is finally releasing it’s grip, ever so slowly.  It won’t be long before we’re shedding those jeans and opting for lighter wardrobe choices…  You probably know I am all about the Summer Skirt, and (weather permitting) the Spring Skirt as well. My pasty white Winter legs are ready to come out and get freckled up, are yours?

I hope so, because I’m writing up a simple elastic-waist Spring skirt pattern for the download shop and I’d like to take one of you with me!

Let me explain:  In order to illustrate the pattern with a nice selection of photos, I have to actually make a skirt and snap pictures of the process.  Instead of making the example skirt to fit me, I would like to make it to fit one of you.

You will get a custom-fit elastic-waist skirt sewn from the thrifted sheet shown above, and a custom-made skirt pattern that you can use to make more skirts yourself!  You will have to share your measurements with me in order for this to work, but I promise to keep them in the strictest of confidence.

Interested?  Just leave a comment on this post today or tomorrow.  I will choose a random winner sometime Thursday.

(You can get bonus entries if you tweet, share on facebook, or subscribe to the feed – just mention in your comment that you have done one or all of those things, so I know to give you credit for them!)

Good luck!

[edited: we have a winner!]


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Posted on 36 Comments

36 thoughts on “Show off those pasty white legs: a giveaway

  1. What a fun giveaway! Boy, would I love a custom made skirt. Can you add gussets for muffin tops?

    1. Heh. The key word here is “simple” – just hearing the word “gusset” makes me nervous 😀

  2. I would love a custom made skirt! I have Pillsbury Dough Boy proportions, but I’m working on it!

  3. Yes, my legs are pasty white, in part because I have boycotted shorts since I gained 60 lbs with my pregnancy last year. Thankfully, I’ve only got 30 lbs less to lose, but this means I need something to wear this summer that actually fits!!!

  4. oh, and I’ve already subscribed to you. thanks for the chance at a skirt. i love what you do!

  5. Great giveaway! I already subscribe cuz’ I love your stuff! 🙂

  6. How fun! This is my 1st comment on your blog but have enjoyed reading it for quite some time. I would thoroughly enjoy sporting a custom-fit skirt this spring/summer made by you. Thanks for the opportunity to win! P.S. Vintage sheets have become my latest obsession. 🙂

  7. Great giveaway! And a great way to de-lurke some of your readers…ahem…me…I’ve been reading for a while and don’t comment enough! I would love a custom made summer skirt!

  8. I’m about to go back to work from being home on maternity leave, and it would be so fun to go back wearing something so cute that fits! The fabric you found is so cute, too!
    Thanks! And oh, I’m a subscriber!! 🙂

  9. OMG! I would be thrilled to win this. I have officially lost 70 lbs and I hate all of my clothes. A new spring skirt would make my day.

  10. I just sent your giveaway out via Twitter. This is so cool. Thanks for a great giveway, Lisa.

  11. What a seriously cool and generous give away! My measurements are seriously not where they should be-but I would share them with you for a beautiful skirt! I am also a lurker, but I usually lurk everyday! Keep the crafty-geekiness coming!

  12. I would love it. I have pasty white legs but I am told that pasty white is the new black! (do not tell me any different it is snowing here today and I might not be able to make it if I do not have that to hang on to:)

  13. I just started following your blog in the last week or so – I’m not even sure how I got here, either a link from someone else’s blog or a Google Reader suggestion. Anyway, love it and have your other skirt in my to-do pile. I intend to wear skirts every darn day this summer. So much more fun than shorts.

  14. Can I get a kilt? I have nice legs.

    1. Eric, if you want to tell people you are wearing a blue floral elastic-waist “kilt” that’s your business 😉

  15. what a great giveaway TITLE as well as giveaway! with yet another day of spring rain, the idea of a breezy cheerful skirt is solace incarnate.

  16. I’ve got the pasty-white legs covered :). Would LOVE a skirt to show them off in.

  17. We’ve moved past our short spring weather and right into the 90’s. I’d love a cute skirt to change things up!

  18. Great Idea! I just bought some really cute paisley fabric today that I was going to make a skirt out of..but now I might have to wait and see if I win! I just love your mix of ideas!

  19. What a nice offer! That is a lovely sheet, and the color would really enhance the blue-white of my Alaskan legs ;o) Really though, it’s quite lovely outside – I wore a skirt today with no wool tights.

  20. My pasty whites are gleaming with excitement for a skirt made for “me”!

  21. My legs are tan, 2 1/2 weeks in Hawaii and a week in Vegas will do that to you, but I think the skirt would still look wonderful on tanned legs.

  22. Me! Me!
    Pick me! ( enthusiasticly waving hand in air )
    I have a wedding to go to in June and would love to show my pasty white

  23. Oops.
    legs in one of your adorable skirts.

  24. my pasty legs would love a skirt!

  25. Absolutely love your cute skirts! And so envious of your crafting abilities!

  26. Ohhh! A cute skirt! My pasty legs want one!!

  27. I’d love a simple skirt like this! That fabric is lovely.

  28. Oh, my pasty legs stay pasty all year round! But I don’t care, I wear skirts anyway! I would love one of yours!

  29. I’ll be honest, I’m not a skirt person, but I’m determined to become one! I’m about to experience my first Washington, DC, summer and I don’t think I’ll survive unless I can welcome skirts into my wardrobe. (retweeted)

  30. RT @lclarke522: In case you missed it, my custom-made skirt giveaway ends early tomorrow!

  31. RT @lclarke522: In case you missed it, my custom-made skirt giveaway ends early tomorrow!

  32. RT @lclarke522: Show off those pasty white legs: a giveaway

  33. I was just thinking I need a new skirt for spring. What a fun contest! Thanks for the chance!

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