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T-shirts don’t lie

“Homework Kills Trees,” says his shirt.

It sure looks that way, doesn’t it?

Neighborhood trees, let this be a warning to you.  Not only does he kill trees in cold blood, but he later flaunts his victory by sitting atop the dead tree, murder weapon in hand, wearing a shirt that proudly proclaims his guilt.

Evil genius, that one.

Posted on 4 Comments

4 thoughts on “T-shirts don’t lie

  1. I think he is right. I set too much homework – perhaps I should make ’em do it online.
    Happy weekend

    1. Oh, are you a teacher? I do kind of hope that homework starts to go that direction in the future. Our school has gotten pretty good at reducing the number of papers notices that get sent home, but there’s still quite a bit of paper-based homework. As long as paper has a place in society, I don’t think it should be *eliminated* from homework, but it sure would be nice if my kids could email their assignments to their teachers now and then.

  2. Great photo! Thanks for the day brightener!

    1. I was amused when I zoomed in with my camera and saw what the shirt said 🙂

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