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Picture Spring, anyone?

I missed the original run of Picture Spring last year, so this year I am doing it as a self-paced class.  What this means, is that you can sign up at any time, and the email prompts start arriving in your inbox the day after you sign up.  It’s a slightly different experience doing it the self-paced way, but so many of the people I met in the other “picture” classes are also doing it (and also started on April 1) so I’m not feeling entirely alone.

So would you like to see what the first week has brought?

Spring day 1 - Beginnings

Day 1: Beginnings (these are my strawberry plants – have I told you I am growing strawberries this year?! It’s going to be an adventure for this black-thumbed girl. Here’s hoping a few plants survive…)

Spring day 2 - Good morning sunshine

Day 2: Good morning, sunshine (taken on my weekend getaway, where we were indeed lucky to wake up to sunshine)

Spring day 3 - Step out into spring

Day 3: Step out into spring (30 paces out the door, or in my case, 20-ish, as I didn’t want to go over the edge of the porch and end up -splat- on the pavement below).

Spring day 4 - The sky is the limit

Day 4: The sky is the limit (oh, how I would have loved to have this prompt two days earlier when we had a truly glorious sky!)

Spring day 5 - A fresh face

Day 5: A fresh face (the obligatory class self-portrait)

Spring day 6 - Getting grounded

Day 6: Getting grounded (a slightly different perspective…)

Spring day 7 - A pastel palette

Day 7: A pastel palette (I took this while visiting my parents, out in the backyard little house that my grandfather built fifty or sixty years ago)

Spring day 8 - The sparkle of spring

Day 8: The sparkle of spring (it’s a bit ironic that I needed to go outside with a spray bottle and manufacture rain drops, when just about every day this week has been rainy at one point or another)

That’s it, so far.  The kids have been on spring break this week, and we have taken less advantage of it than I’d originally hoped.  Eamonn had a cold at the beginning of the week, Aidan got it a few days ago, and now my own throat feels none too good.  We’ve seen temperatures in the high 40’s most days, and plenty of clouds and drizzle.  Aside from a day trip to Grandma + Grandpa’s house yesterday, we’ve done precious little that has required us to switch from our pj’s to real clothes.

I’ve actually played Mario Party 8 three times, and liked it.  Strange, I know.  I may play again before the weekend is over.  It’s strange to find myself wanting to play a wii game most of the time, but this has a small element of strategy in it, and I don’t feel so much like I am shooting in the dark, or relying on my (poor) gamer skillz.

I think next week I’m going to tell you about my strawberry plants.  And maybe show you the quilts I’m working on.  Sounds like a plan, right?  Hope to see you then!

Posted on 2 Comments

2 thoughts on “Picture Spring, anyone?

  1. I love to come to your blog and enjoy the beautiful things you share. Your pictures are so nice!

    1. Thanks for saying so! I always appreciate a little feedback 🙂

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