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Post cards from Branch Brook Park

Is there anything more wonderful than that first string of seventy-degree days in the spring? Everything is more beautiful suddenly: the sun, the clouds, the lovely chartreuse of new leaves…  even the rain feels more optimistic. It’s warm enough at night to leave a bedroom window slightly open, and to shed the heavy Winter blanket […]

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And the winner is…

It’s time to choose a winner for the skirt contest!  Between comments, subscriptions and retweets, there were 34 entries. so kindly chose #8 for me, which works out to be… [drumroll, please] Melissa E! Congratulations, Melissa!  I’ll be emailing you later today and asking a couple of nosy questions that will help me get […]

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Show off those pasty white legs: a giveaway

Well, ladies, it looks like winter is finally releasing it’s grip, ever so slowly.  It won’t be long before we’re shedding those jeans and opting for lighter wardrobe choices…  You probably know I am all about the Summer Skirt, and (weather permitting) the Spring Skirt as well. My pasty white Winter legs are ready to […]

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T-shirts don’t lie

“Homework Kills Trees,” says his shirt. It sure looks that way, doesn’t it? Neighborhood trees, let this be a warning to you.  Not only does he kill trees in cold blood, but he later flaunts his victory by sitting atop the dead tree, murder weapon in hand, wearing a shirt that proudly proclaims his guilt. […]

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